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When it comes to finding books to read and share, I enjoy a large variety of reads. From the mystery and romances to the books that offer insight and information on topics that interest me or that relate to my life. So when I was sent the book, Brave Girls: Raising Young Women by Stacey Radin, I was pleased to learn that this book was something that was of interest to me because it gives insight on a topic that I can really relate to.

As the mother of a preteen I have learned that when it comes to girls, their most crucial time in their emotional development is during those preteen and early teenage years. I know this because when I was a preteen, I found that those years were the years that I was discovering myself. Finding those emotions and hormones, were something I had been unaware of just a year or so previous, and learning that when it comes to self esteem and development, girls can not only be one another’s best friends, but they can also be their own worst enemy.

See middle school is a time where girls explore and find their identities, and a time where there is a lot of influence around them that can make or break them. And in this book, you learn that with the amazing program that Dr. Radin founded called, Unleashed, she was able to key in on a way to help lift up young girls so they can be empowered to be tomorrows leaders!

The program is one that is a hands which helps to build a passion for causes by giving the girls a chance to work with helping others through the animal rescue. The girls who participate in Unleashed find a compassion that can help them become engaged and successful later in life by helping to create solutions for the dogs who have been neglected and abused. Which for myself as a mother of a preteen, found to be an amazing way to help build up our girls now so they can be more successful women in the future!

I found this book to be a great one that discusses the importance of having programs such as Unleashed in place and what the experience can do by discussing the direct impact that can be seen. I also found that this is a great book to get for anyone who has girls or even getting for educators and such so they too can learn and utilize the tools that Stacey Radin discusses. Making Brave Girls: Raising Young Women a great book to give and even get this holiday season!

You can find the book to purchase on Amazon and also find out how you can become more involved in the Unleashed program by going to the Unleashed site here:

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  1. Tamra Phelps
    November 25, 2015 / 10:56 pm

    I think you're right. Those pre-teen years were when I started caring too much about others' opinions about me! This sounds like an important book for parents of girls!

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