Bring the Family Together for Family Game Night this Holiday Season

As we prepare for the holiday gatherings and anticipate the time that we will be spending with family and friends, I like to find things that will help to make the time a memorable and enjoyable for everyone. For myself and my family, one thing that we all enjoy doing is playing games when we get together, and family game night in my house is something the kids look forward to each week. So when we were sent a selection of games from the people at Tactic Games to play and review, I was excited to add them to our list of fun holiday games!

With this selection the kids can enjoy playing the games I am, I do and Junior Alias together or even with the whole family, giving them fun games to add to the mix this year! With the game I am, I do, you and other players act out whatever it is that you get on the card you pick, and others have to guess what you are and what you are doing. We also found Junior Alias to be one that offers a lot of laughs and fun, when you try to describe the pictures you are given without really saying what it is in before running out of time!

Then with the game Mexican Train, we can all gather to play a game that is one we have enjoyed playing in our family for many years. The game of Mexican Train is one of strategy where you have to add the dominos to create a train or a line of dominos that has a common chain! Bringing strategy and fun to any family game night and making the games from Tactic Games a great selection to add to your holiday festivities!

Product received, thank you to Tactic Games as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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