Choosing the Right Food for Senior Dogs with Petcurean

This post is sponsored and written by me on behalf of Petcurean through a campaign managed by their PR. All opinions are my own. 

In my home when it comes to caring for my family, I take a lot into consideration. I am always on the look out for healthy options when it comes to the foods I give my kids as well as for myself and my husband, and when it comes to our pets, I seek out the best foods for them as well. With our eldest dog Chloe, she seems to eat just about anything and everything, and through her years she has learned that staying close to the kids when they have food can be quite rewarding. The thing is, this has led to her having weight issues, and in her old age those issues are catching up with her. When we last went to see our family vet, we were informed that we needed to change up her diet and eliminate a lot of the extra junk she gets, especially from the kids. So when we were introduced to the Pecurean Now Fresh Grain Free Senior Weight Management Recipe, we were curious to try it and see what our Chloe girl thought of it.

Now in the past few years, we have noticed that along with the weight gain, Chloe has slowed down quite a bit, and in hand has not cared to get up and play with the kids, go out and play a game of catch with the other dogs, or even run around at the park like she once used to. We had also noticed that her fur had changed, not only with more grey in it, but also being not as shiny as it once was. And after changing up her diet by switching her old dog food with the Petcurean Senior along with trying to keep her from getting those table scraps she was used to from the kids, in just a little less than a month, we have noticed that she has a little more spunk to her and that dull coat is once again becoming more shiny.

Also, when it comes to her liking the new dog food, well she does not seem to be complaining one bit, and I don’t blame her. I mean, when we looked to compare her old dog food with the Petcurean recipe, the first thing that stood out for me was what is seen on the front of the bag, where it says 100% Fresh! I also like that on the front next to the big lettering where it says 100% fresh you see that it is also grain free. Making it so our Chloe girl is not only getting a dog food that is made with fresh ingredients, but it is also grain free. There are no by-product meats, gluten, wheat, corn or soy added either, and it is a formula that is made to help with weight management in older dogs. Giving Chloe a dog food that she not only likes, but one that is helping to improve her health as well!

So if you are looking to change up your dogs food and want a recipe that offers fresh and grain free products, then be sure to check out the line of dog foods from Petcurean today! Also, be sure to get your free sample by going here:

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