Coffee House Coffee for the Holidays with the Ninja Coffee Bar

With the holiday preparations on the horizon and many of us beginning to get those products to help make our holidays memorable, I find that along with the various decor, I also enjoy having those memorable holiday drinks. For me, I enjoy not only having various cocktails on hand, but I also enjoy having coffee house coffee with those holiday flavors. The thing is, when I have guests over, I only had the coffees I can make from my coffee maker that are just your basic coffees and nothing too fancy. So when I was sent the Ninja Coffee Bar, I was not only excited to check it out, but also excited to be able to make those coffee house coffees right from home!

After receiving my Ninja Coffee Bar, I found that I could create a variety of coffees, from those specialty brews and styles to those iced coffees I adore with those holiday flavors! I can even adjust the brew, allowing me to go with a subtle brew to a more intense brew, depending on the coffee and strength I want to go with. It does this with a coffee to water concentration, allowing me to get that iced coffee with just the right amount of richness that I seek when I go to buy it from my local coffee house, to that super rich concentrate I can choose to get for those specialty coffee drinks.

Along with the concentration levels I can get with the Auto-IQ Technology, I also like that I can brew various amounts of coffees by choosing which size I might need! Starting with a single cup to a travel size then a half carafe or a full carafe! Allowing me to get the right amount of coffee when I need it and how I need it!

Then when it comes to the varieties and styles I can go with, I can become my own in home barista for not only myself but also for those holiday guests when I follow the various recipes that are available on the Ninja Coffee Bar site! Making the Ninja Coffee Bar, the perfect coffee maker to have in any home so you can have that coffee house coffee right in your home and also giving as the perfect gift to give this year!

Product received, thank you to Ninja as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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