Enjoy Holiday Parties with Dasani Drops Mocktails

With the holidays on the horizon and those parties to start planning for, I like to find fun products that I can add to our holiday menus. For me, I find that I enjoy having a variety of drinks when we have parties, and with that I like to have a menu packed with delicious mocktails for our guests to enjoy. So when we were introduced to the Dasani Drops, I was excited to try them out and add them to our fun list of holiday drinks!

I found that when it comes to creating those delicious mocktails, having ingredients that not only offer flavor but that also give a zero calorie option, is something that I and many others look for. I find that this is the case, especially around the holidays when we find ourselves indulging in those holiday dishes and desserts. And with the Dasani Drops, we get great tasting, zero calorie, liquid beverage enhancers that are offered in a variety of flavors.

To get started when it comes to creating fun and delicious mocktails to serve at our holiday parties this year, I found that I could start by having the various Dasani Drops on hand and at our beverage bar for guests to enjoy. I like that with the small 1.9 ounce bottles, that they can give us 32 servings, allowing us to create many drinks to enjoy and also serve up over the holidays!

By using the Mixed Berry, we were able to add a few drops to some sparkling water. For those who wanted that sangria drink but did not want to add the sugar and calories that can come in a sangria mix, we found that adding some of the Mixed Berry drops to some carbonated water with fresh squeezed orange juice, some cinnamon sticks, along with some cut oranges and limes gave us that sangria taste without the extra calories and with a holiday twist.

For a tasty sparkling lemonade, we added some of the Pink Lemonade to a glass of sparkling water! This was also something we were able to do by using the Strawberry Kiwi drops, which helped to give our guests a variety to choose from. We also found that with both the Pink Lemonade and the Strawberry Kiwi Dasani Drops, adding some fresh cut strawberries to the glass gave it that mocktail feel that guests were after!

Then for my personal favorite mocktail using the Dasani Drops, I went with the Pina Colada Mocktail! For this mocktail recipe, I was able to use a Zero Calorie Sprite, and add the Pineapple Coconut Dasani Drops in! This not only gave me a mocktail that had those flavors I enjoy when I go for a traditional pina colada, but I was able to enjoy it without the added guilt I might have from the calories that can come with such a drink. We also found that we could garnish this drink to look presentable during a holiday gathering by adding a toothpick with a orange slice, fresh pineapple slice, and a maraschino cherry!

In all, making the Dasani Drops not only a great liquid flavor enhancer to carry in your purse or have in your cupboards for flavoring your bottled water, but also a great product to have when preparing for those holiday parties! Giving both yourself and your guests a fun selection of holiday mocktails that have the flavor you are after without the extra calories!

This is part of a sponsored campaign through Markerly for Dasani Drops. All opinions are my own.


  1. Cass
    November 3, 2015 / 3:33 am

    These would be a great idea to use instead of high calories juices or mixers! I haven't thought of using flavored water, or water enhancers to mix with liquor. Fun!

  2. Mommy Katie
    November 7, 2015 / 10:55 pm

    yes, they would make for a great mixer for any drink, we used them in mocktails due to having pregnant friends and family, but would make for a great add in for alcoholic beverages as well especially when you want to enjoy those drinks but not the xtra calories!

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