Give the Gift of Creativity with the Scribble App

This post was created in partnership with Fingerprint Apps and their PR. All opinions expressed in the post are my own.

With the holidays on the minds of many, I find that I enjoy looking for those gifts that will keep my kids going when it comes to their creativity. As a parent, I am always amazed on how a child’s mind works, and how a little imagination can go a long way. So as a parent, when it comes to finding gifts that can help with feeding those imaginations, I enjoy seeking out fun apps to give over the holiday season. Recently I was introduced to such app when I was given the chance to check out Scribble – Creative Book Maker for Kids from the creators at Fingerprint!

With this app, we can download it to our iPad or Android tablets, and have a app that has the fun of story telling and the world of imagination right at our kids fingertips! We found that the kids can not only pick their own characters and themes, but they can even upload themselves into the stories they create and make each story uniquely theirs!

There are a variety of characters to choose from that they can add to their stories as well, making them the main character as a super hero. And with the photos that they use in their stories, they can edit them to add their faces to the characters that are available. They can then go in and tell the story as they see it using the music, drawing tools, and even their own voices with the audio recording into the story, which helps to bring those stories they created to life!

We also found that once the kids created their stories, they were able to tell them to the family. Which not only encourages those imaginations to run with their creativity through this app as they create their stories, but also encourage them to read and share their stories as they read them out loud! In all, making the Scribble App by Fingerprint not only a great gift to give this holiday season, but also a great tool to have in any home when it comes to encouraging creativity and imagination!!!

You can find the app for iOS or Android devices here:

iOS :

Android :

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