#Giveaway Potty Training Made a Little Easier with Charmin + $50 Gift Card

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When it comes to toddlers and potty training, one thing I have learned is that you can never have enough toilet paper on hand. I say this because when it comes to the potty training, there are a lot of trips to the bathroom, and even when nothing happens, little ones still enjoy being able to use the toilet paper like a big kid regardless. So with a toddler in my house, we find that having plenty of stock in toilet paper is very important, and when we were given the chance to shop for Charmin toilet paper at our local Sams Club, I was excited to head out and stock up on the Charmin in our house.

While at our local Sams Club, we found a great display of toilet paper which included the display of the 24 rolls pack of the Charmin Ultra Soft. We have found that with the Charmin Ultra Soft, a little can go a long way, and when used on little bottoms during those frequent trips to the restroom that may or may not result in a victory, it is soft and gentle on little bottoms.

As a parent and head of the shopping in our household, I also find that when it comes to deals on the important papers, I can not pass them up. I can appreciate the fact that with the large 24 packs of the Charmin Ultra Soft I am getting more like 108 regular rolls of the toilet tissues that we all enjoy using in our home. And I find that this deal is perfect for ensuring we have a good stock in toilet paper in the home. Which helps to allow us to focus on the task of potty training and not on running out of the toilet paper we need.

Other ways I can save when it comes to the toilet tissue during the potty training is by showing my little guy that a little bit of the Charmin Ultra Soft can go a long way. Allowing him to understand that he does not need a lot of tissue when it comes to the toilet, as well as saving our toilet from a overflow of too much toilet paper that can end up getting wasted.

I also find that when it comes to the bathroom and potty training, patience is key, and when the time comes, we celebrate it, so that my little guy knows that he did well. Which I have found can help to teach him to cue in on those urges to potty, and know that we are there to help him and be supportive along the way! In all, making Charmin Ultra Strong not only a great product to have in the household for the family to use, but also a great toilet paper to have on hand when you are potty training your little ones! And to help with the potty training in your home, the wonderful people from Acorn Influence are giving away 53 $50 Sams Club Gift Card!

$50 Sam’s Club Gift Card Giveaway for Charmin

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