Harvest Trail Bars from Atkins

When it comes to snacking, like many I head to my pantry and grab whatever I might find. A lot of times this can be a bag of chips, some snack cakes and such, and like many, after I go for those options, I end up regretting my choice. I regret it not only knowing that I consumed calories and carbs that I was not looking forward to seeing on my rear, but I also feel sluggish after eating them as well. So for me, knowing that when it comes to snacking for not only myself but my family, I like to find products that have both that sweet and that crunch we might be looking for when we go for a snack. And when we were sent some of the new Harvest Trail Bars from Atkins, I was curious to see how I liked them and also see what my family thought as well.

When I went to try the Dark Chocolate Cherry and Nuts Bar, I was very surprised by the taste. I mean, when I went for this bar, I got a bar that gave me that sweet and crunch I was seeking, but without the extra sugars and with just 150 calories! In fact, with these bars I found that they give me not only a tasty low calorie snack, but also a snack that gives me a good source of protein, an excellent source of fiber, and does not have any artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or sugar alcohols and that gives me a low carb option.

Well after I went for my initial taste test of the bars, I decided to get the opinions of others by having my family try them out as well. I found that my family enjoyed them as much as I did, and with my kids they said that they liked them because it was like I was giving them a candy bar as a snack. Making the Harvest Trail Bars from Atkins a great selection of bars that are not only great to have on hand for when you want to go for a great tasting snack, but also a selection to have in the house for the whole family to enjoy as well!

So if you are looking for a great low carb snack that tastes great, that gives you that sweet and crunch you might be after, that your entire family can enjoy, head out and pick up some of the Harvest Trail Bars from Atkins today!

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