How Couples Therapy Can Strengthen Your Relationship

When we think about marriage counseling or couples counseling, we immediately think about relationships that are in trouble. We imagine couples who are at their breaking point who are looking for help. As it turns out, this idea that couples counseling is just for relationships in trouble, is mostly a myth. 

The team at the office of Louis Laves-Webb, a psychotherapist and counseling office in Austin TX, put together a great resource that addresses the myths of couples counseling. In the research, for example, they show that just 3 percent of couples divorced 4 years after completing marital therapy. The research goes on to address other marriage counseling myths like: “It’s too expensive” and “It won’t make a difference.”  

According to this research, almost all relationships can benefit from couples counseling, no matter what stage of the relationship. Take a look at the graphic below titled: “How Couples Counseling Can Strengthen Your Relationship” to find out more.

How Couples Therapy Help Your Marriage

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  1. Cass
    November 13, 2015 / 3:41 am

    Wow. Really interesting infographic. I can't believe that on average, 2/3 of counselors are willing to lower their rates. Something to think about if it's ever needed, or in the event of a big life change!

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