Keep the Happy Factor Going with Baby this Holiday Season

With the holiday shopping season starting up, I find that when it comes to shopping for baby, I want to ensure we get gifts for baby that will help with keeping baby happy and aiding in babies development. So when we were sent a selection of gifts from the Fisher-Price line that helps with early childhood development, I was excited to see what was in store and check out the products.

In this pack of products the first one that stood out for me was one that I had, my sister had, and one that is a staple when it comes to our babies as well. The toy I am speaking of would be the Rock-a-Stack! With this classic toy, you get rings that are brightly colored, and that are made for little hands to grasp onto as they pull them off, shake them around, chew on them, and put them back on the wobbly base. And when it comes to Early Childhood Development and what mothers from around the world see with this toy, the Rock-a-Stack can be paired with tenacity which is something that was found to be a trait that moms in China find to be very important!

The next toy that I adore that I noticed has been updated since I last bought one for my kids is the Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Puppy! This puppy is one that both of our boys had when they were babies, and is one that has seen some amazing upgrades! With this puppy, he is still that same puppy who is soft, cuddly and ready to be babies first best friend, but with the new Smart Stages technology! This technology is one that is made to grow with baby, which helps to keep baby learning and engaged! And when it comes to the Early Childhood Development, moms in France found that this adorable toy encourages that curiosity that baby can develop, and something that they hope their child will achieve!

Going with that same survey, the people from Fisher-Price found that with moms from around the world, they all want to ensure that their babies achieve happiness. And with the Dance and Move BeatBo, parents get a perfect playtime pal for singing, dancing, and move ’n groove fun all in one toy! Which we all know are all things that can help with making baby happy! Baby gets three modes with BeatBo which also grow with baby to make BeatBo a long time friend! The modes include Dance ’n Move, Learning & Games, and Customized Sing-Along!

Then when it comes to encouraging babies athleticism, the people from Fisher-Price found that moms in Russia agreed when it came to statements that went with physical activity and athleticism, and one toy that can keep baby going from 6 months on up is the Bright Beats Smart Touch Play Space! With this toy, you get a light bar that is touch sensitive, and responds when baby touches it with music, lights, colors, songs to sing along with and more! The developmental benefits of this activity center include the encouragement of curiosity and discovery, gross motor skills, and sensory skills! Making this toy along with the others we were sent, all perfect gifts for getting for baby this holiday season!

So this holiday season, as you seek out those perfect gifts to get baby that will help with encouraging babies development and also help with keeping The Happy Factor going, be sure to check out the toys from Fisher-Price!

Product received, thank you to Fisher-Price as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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