Keep Your Family Safe with the Dechoker

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The holidays are quickly approaching and with that we enjoy having the company of family and friends around. Along with the company, we find that we like to make lots of good food for everyone to enjoy. And with Thanksgiving on the minds of many, I find that when it comes to enjoying the big meal we should also have safety precautions in the home in case of any accidents. For me that means ensuring we have our first aid kits filled with burn creams, band aids and other items that we might need to have stocked in our kits, and along with those items I also like having the Dechoker on hand as well.

With the Dechoker, we can be sure to be prepared in the case of accidental choking, which can happen at any time. I find this to not only be handy to have in the home during the holidays, but at any time of the year, especially when we have kids in the home. See as a parent I know that when the kids are running around and playing, they also like to grab snacks as they go, and if by accident, one of the kids or anyone else in the home were to start choking, having the life saving tools on hand can be a blessing.

I like that with the Dechoker, we can have a device that can potentially save a life in our home, that is simple to use. The Dechoker is a manual suction device that when put into place properly on a choking victim, can help to assist with the removal of any fluid and or debris that might be blocking their airway.

I can appreciate that with the Dechoker, it is not only a device that can be used in the case of someone choking on food, but it can also be a handy device to have in the home with those who have any medical disorders where choking can occur, such as asthma, GERD and more. And with the Dechoker, I like that it is compact enough to where I can carry it in the diaper bag so I can have it anywhere we go. Making the Dechoker a lifesaving device that can change a scary situation into a controlled situation and something that I see as a must have product to have in any home!

So this holiday season as you make those lists for foods and gifts, be sure to add the Dechoker to your shopping lists as well. You can find the Dechoker along with more information on the device by heading to the Dechoker website.


  1. Julie Wood
    November 8, 2015 / 4:04 pm

    This sounds like a very good product to have to help if someone is choking and will help to clear the airway. I like it and will have to get one, and it will make me feel safer that no one I love will die from choking.

  2. Artadorned
    November 8, 2015 / 7:27 pm

    That's awesome! I find it that you can never be to cautious because anything can happy at any time. It would be awesome to have a dechoker around the

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