#AngelsSing Bring Home Angels Sing to Share this Holiday Season

This post was created in partnership with Lions Gate and Think Jam. All opinions expressed in the post are my own.

Family time is a time that we look forward to in my home. We put a time aside where we enjoy playing games on our family game nights, or sharing a movie on our family movie nights. We have found that sharing these things not only allows us to spend that time together as a family, but it also gives us that time to enjoy one another’s company. Well with the holidays upon us and the kids getting ready to be off of school for their holiday break, I like to find those fun holiday movies to add to the mix that the entire family can enjoy. So when we were sent the movie, Angels Sing, I was very excited to add it to our list of holiday family movie night favorites!

To get started for our Angels Sing Family Movie Night, I went to my local Target store, where I was able to find a great selection of goodies to add to our movie night. I printed off a copy of the list below to take along with me, so that I could get ideas on things to pick up so I could make our movie night a epic one! I chose to pick up a container of candied popcorn, some chocolate kisses, a container with hot chocolate, then some gingerbread cookies that came in their own tins for the kids to decorate and enjoy during the movie!

Once I had everything for our Angels Sing Family Movie Night, I was ready to set it up and enjoy a night of movie fun with my family!

In the movie Angels Sing, you find a man who once found Christmas as a magical time of year, a time that he had wished would never pass, to be a time that he rather not think about nor find any joy in after a accident as a child changes his life forever. He then finds himself as a grown man, with a son of his own, and a wife and family who want him to enjoy the holidays. His son finds himself facing a accident that the he finds too familiar, then realizes he has to change things, and in order to do so he must make things right from his past.  

We found the movie Angels Sing to be an amazing movie that has made it to our list of holiday favorites and a perfect one to add to any family movie night. With this movie you get a great heartfelt story along with a cast filled with some amazing musicians who include Harry Connick Jr, Willie Nelson and more! Making Angels Sing a great movie to head out and pick up to bring home and share with your family today!

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