Family Movie Night with Minions on Blu-Ray

It is time to get the kids ready, set your family movie night date, and head out to get your copy of the hit comedy, Minions, to bring home and share with the whole family! We were sent a copy of the movie Minions to review on Blu-Ray and found that this movie was perfect for our family movie night!

In this movie you get those iconic Minions who are back and ready to get the party started in their very own movie! You not only get to see the Minions as they go on adventure, but you learn about the origins of those Minions and how they have been around since the dawn of time! You also find that with the Minions, in order for them to have any sort of happiness, they must have a master to serve. So you follow them as they go from master to master starting with the infamous T-Rex, and go through time to find a master to serve.

You come across a whole group of Minions but find that there are a group of 3 Minions who find that they must venture out to in order to save the rest of the Minions and find the perfect villain. Follow along on their adventure and bring home your copy of the movie, Minions December 8th, to share with your family!

Product received, thank you to Universal Pictures as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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