Organic Beauty Christmas Wish List

This Christmas, we’re looking to turn a new leaf: for too long, we have been using popular, mainstream beauty brands that have been drying out and irritating our skin, and damaging the environment when produced and manufactured. As beauty-conscious, smart and self-assured people, we need to acknowledge that the products we buy and wear can have serious repercussions on the planet, in particular involving water contamination, and whilst providing a ‘high quality finish’ can leave skin tired, lacking energy and aggravated. Any savvy beauty lover will want to make more informed choices about what they use, which is why we’re looking outside of the box for much more beneficial and complex products. Seeing as it is coming up to Christmas too, we’re looking to the most luxurious organic products that will help us to feel extra special whilst protecting and nourishing our skin. Here are the products we here at are hoping will land in our pockets this Christmas:

Lipstick – The Organic Pharmacy
Under the leadership of Margo Marrone, The Organic Pharmacy has become a major power player in the organic beauty industry, thanks to their innovative formulas and ingredients incorporated with luxury. The brand is built upon Marrone’s extensive experience as a pharmacist and specialist in botanicals and homeopathy, ensuing that their products are natural sourced and completely pure to create the best results. Their Organic Glam lipstick range comes in a range of high-fashion colours- for example, our favourite, Deep Fuschia- with a rich, creamy consistency, made from natural oils and plant extracts like meadowfoam seed oil, castor oil, lemon, orange, carnuba and candelia wax and naturally occurring vitamins E, A and C. This means that the lipstick has a fresh, natural aroma and the colour is long-lasting and smooth. Luxurious and professional, this lipstick would complement many of our best party looks.

Foundation – Kjær Weis
A favourite of the style set and eco-lovers everywhere is this CCPB certified organic beauty company. Founded by Danish-born makeup artist Kristen Kjær Weis, who was frustrated by the irritating and aggressive makeup used at runway shows and high fashion shoots, this line of luxury organic makeup has revolutionised the way in which the industry thinks about makeup. Incorporating the best natural ingredients, such as sweet almond seed oil, coconut oil, beeswax and carnauba wax, into their trademark foundation, Kjær Weis does not compromise on quality; the silky texture, matte coverage and blendable formula are as luxurious as those of mainstream, conventional brands. In fact, Kjær Weis’ foundation goes further, protecting, nourishing and repairing skin thanks to the natural ingredients, ensuring that your skin is uplifted and moisturised after removal.

Eye Shadow – Dr Hauschka
This Christmas, we’d love to find an eye shadow set that is organic and natural, undamaging to the skin around our eyes but is reliable and luxurious in equal measure. Hopefully, we’ll be receiving this delightful eye shadow palette from Dr Hauschka from Santa: with a tonal array of classic blendable colours of brown, cream and grey, this set is wearable and luxurious, perfect for everything from days spent at work or nights out with your friends. Additionally, they have been made using organically certified ingredients such as witch hazel, black tea and carmine that enhance skin’s natural tones and provide nourishment. Dr Hauschka are internationally renowned for being BDIH natural certified, selectively working with ingredients that will balance the natural oils in the skin whilst still providing a high-quality beauty finish. All fragrances and colours are naturally occurring, and you can trust that all the formulas and ingredients are nothing but beneficial to one of the most absorbent organs on your body.


  1. Jerry Marquardt
    December 23, 2015 / 8:14 am

    This looks very good for my skin. I will be checking into this.

  2. Elisabeth
    January 2, 2016 / 7:03 pm

    I love that this makeup is organic. What we put on our skin is so important!

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