Win Your Holidays with #LuvRitzSweepstakes

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When we think of the holidays, we tend to think of the time we will spend with those we love, like our family and friends. And like many families out there, when it comes to getting together over the holidays, in my family, there is a lot of traveling that has to be done.

Over the years, my family and I have always kept in touch, by having the kids talk to grandma and grandpa every week through phone calls and social media. We also put time aside a few times a year where we travel to see one another, and with the holidays, we plan on all gathering in one location. We have found that as the years have gone by, we have moved around the country, and in my family, we have my parents who live in the southwest and my sister and I who live on the west coast. So when I think of where I want to be during the holidays, I want to be wherever my family will be.

One location that I have always enjoyed going to is my old hometown. And when we make that journey back home to visit, we like to do it by setting up our travel with Southwest Airlines. 

Well right now, you can enter to win $5,000 in Southwest Gift Cards, in the LuvRitz Sweepstakes to help with that holiday travel, when you share your entry on social media. You can do so by sharing where you like to travel to and how you enjoy your RITZ crackers! For me, I enjoy creating a sweet and savory RITZ, like the Green Chile Salted Caramel Drizzle Chocolate and Strawberry topped Roasted Vegetables RITZ which gives me that taste of home that I get when I go to New Mexico.

For this recipe you will need a pack of the RITZ Roasted Vegetable crackers, fresh strawberries, chocolate chip morsels, Hatch Green Chile Caramel (you can order them online), whipped cream and sea salt.

put the Green Chile Caramels in a pan, place over heat and melt
place the RITZ crackers on a microwave safe plate
put 4 chocolate chip morsels on each cracker
place plate in microwave for about 20 seconds
slice your strawberries
place the strawberries on top of the melted chocolate
put small amount of whipped cream on top
drizzle melted Green Chile Caramel on top
then sprinkle small amount of sea salt on the tops and serve!

So be sure to share your destination and favorite way of eating RITZ and enter to win today!

Here is how to enter:
Ritz and Southwest Airlines want to know where you want to go and how you enjoy Ritz Crackers. One lucky winner will win $5,000 in Southwest gift cards! Just Tweet or Instagram your response along with #LuvRitzSweepstakes to be entered. (Example: “I want to go to #Dallas for the holidays and enjoy Ritz Mint Thins #LuvRitzSweepstakes”)

Also vote for your favorite recipe at the Ritz-topping recipe contest! I chose one that reminds me of home with the Raspberry Chipotle Sauce from 7 on a Shoestring!

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