Date Night with the New Nicholas Sparks Movie "The Choice" in Theaters Feb 5th

In our lives we come across a variety of people. We find that through our journey, many of us, whether we are looking for it or not, come across a love that makes the journey one well worth living. With that love, we have our stories, the ones that are all ours and unique because it is about our own love story. And like many, I am one who not only has a love story of my own, but I also enjoy reading others and watching them in movies as well, like the collection of books and movies from Nicholas Sparks. So when I was told that the new Nicholas Sparks movie, “The Choice” will be hitting theaters everywhere on February 5th, I was not only excited to make plans to go and see it, but also excited to make the night a dinner and movie night with my husband.

On Friday, when I head out to see the movie with my husband, I find that like others, I will be not only sharing a date night with my love, but I will also be enjoying watching a love story as well! Which with Valentines Day just around the corner, and the new movie, I find that it is just another way to remind myself and my husband of the love we share and of our story.

See with the new Nicholas Sparks movie, “The Choice”, you get a story that is about making difficult choices when it comes to love and matters of the heart. These choices are ones that help the characters in the story, seek out that one perfect match and find their destiny in their lives. And like in my own love story where choices had to be made, I find that when it comes to matters of the heart, choices that we make can be very difficult since they can change everything in an instant.

Like many of the stories from Nicholas Sparks, this story is based in the coastal area of Carolina, which I find gives you that southern love story that is one that you can fall in love with over and over again. Making the new Nicholas Sparks movie, “The Choice” a great date night movie to go and see with your love!

Also, to help make your date night or Valentines Day Date Night with the new Nicholas Sparks movie, “The Choice” a memorable one, be sure to check out and add the Southern Style Chocolate Covered Moonshine Cherries to your menu! For these you will need some either maraschino cherries (for the non alcoholic version) or you can get the moonshine maraschino cherries which have been soaked in moonshine and can be found at your local liquor store. You will also need some bakers chocolates. Melt the chocolate on the stove, then one at a time, put a toothpick in a cherry and dip them in the chocolate. Put them on a tray with parchment paper on it. Once you have covered the amount of cherries you want to, place them in the refrigerator for 2 hours. Take them out and enjoy!

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  1. Amy Orvin
    February 4, 2016 / 11:16 pm

    I can't wait to see this movie. I have seen all of his so far!

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