Three Health Checks You Should Stop Putting Off

Although there are a number of vital heath checks which we all as humans should undergo regularly to help minimize our chances and risk of illness and disease, many women around the world don’t attend appointments for different health screening purposes. The reason why can often depend on each woman’s individual circumstances, whether she be embarrassed, too busy, or simply thinks that there is no point taking the test as she looks and feels fine. However, looks can be deceiving, and certain tests are important as they’re designed to show up hidden symptoms which may otherwise have gone unnoticed. If you’re avoiding going to any one of these tests, it’s important to stop putting them off now.

Pap Smear Tests

Women who are over the age of twenty-one, or women who are sexually active should have a regular pap smear test carried out. It’s easy to forget a pap smear appointment if you are busy, and in the case of some women, the pap smear test is avoided due to embarrassment. However, taking the pap smear test when it is due is vitally important, as it helps to identify any abnormalities such as cervical cancer cells or infections in the cervical and pelvis area which could spread. During a pap smear test, a pelvic exam is conducted in order to look for masses or abnormalities. Although it may not be the most comfortable process to endure, pap smear tests have saved the lives of many women.

Breast Examinations

Each year, approximately 230,000 women are being diagnosed withbreast cancer. Although the statistics look staggering, there are a number of things you can do to prevent cancer, such as quitting smoking and eating healthier foods. However, attending an annual breast examination is also a good strategy to best prevent breast cancer and other breast issues. Although women are being encouraged to carry out daily self-examinations of their breasts, being examined by a professional from time to time can help to find if there is anything which you may have missed. A breast examination can find any lumps, bumps or changes to breast tissue, even if they are too small for you to have noticed yourself. Self-examinations and annual breast examination check-ups should always go hand in hand and one shouldn’t be replaced by the other.

Bone Loss Testing

For older women, bone loss testing may be important as it can catch conditions such as osteoporosis quickly, ensuring that you get the best treatment. As we age, our bones may be unable to produce enough bone to replace the old bone, and as a result, bones become weaker, more brittle, and prone to fractures. If needed, your physician may send you for a bone density test. This is certainly a test that shouldn’t be ignored as the faster a lack of minerals in the bone is discovered, the more effective a treatment will be.

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