Tips for Helping Your Teenager Learn to Drive

Many parents find that helping their teenagers learn to drive is a bit beyond the scope of what they were prepared for when choosing to start a family. Teenagers, by nature, can be very stubborn, but when it comes to learning to drive, that trait is compounded many times over. They want to start out like race car drivers when they haven’t learned to handle a car safely yet and if they are terrified of the written portion of the DVSA test it just makes matters worse. If you have a learner driver that you are trying to help prepare for either portion of the test, here are a few tips that might make the job a whole lot easier – on both of you!

Explain the Value of Patience

Young people haven’t yet learned the value of having patience and so it is with learning to drive. They probably have played those video games where they control vehicles on a television screen but when getting behind the wheel it is a whole other experience. When they can’t get the car to do what they want it to do, they get frustrated easily. The same holds true of learningthe theory for that portion of the test. It is only natural to miss some questions the first few times of taking practice tests so don’t let them be too hard on themselves. Explain the value of taking their time and being patient. By alleviating some of the pressure on themselves they will fare better in the future.

Register Them in a Reputable Driving School

Not all driving schools are created equal and if you want your son or daughter to learn to be a safe driver, it pays to check the credentials of the school before signing them up. Make sure the instructors have experience teaching younglearner drivers and take the time to ask how they will prepare students to take the written theory portion of the test. All of this is important because you want to make sure your teenager will pass the driving test the first time after having spent so much money enrolling them.

Help Your Teenager Find Study Aids

You may very well be able to take your teenager out for some much needed practice on local roads but when helping them prepare for the written theory test, it might be wise to help them find study aids online. There are a number of sites that offer free practice tests so that your learner driver can feel confident when taking the ‘real thing.’ If you are looking for an aid like this, check this site out to see just how easy it is to practice with questions quite similar to those given on the DVSA test.

It doesn’t hurt to offer your help but be prepared to face some resistance. Teenagers make it a point to tell you how much they know but when it comes down to it, you know it is just bravado. You can best help your young learner driver by being supportive and helping them find the resources they need to learn the rules. In no time at all you’ll have one more driver in the family and one more driver on the road.

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