Beauty, Form and Function: Thoughtful Housewarming Gifts They Can't Wait to Use

Housewarming gifts come in every shape and type. And, the best ones are thoughtful and beautiful. And, everyone wants to get one. So, here are a few good ones to consider for a friend or family member that they’ll actually use.

A Throw

You can never have too many blankets. And, these make great housewarming gifts because they’ll get used – especially if they’re wool or some other heavy material that’s warm and insulating. During the winter, throws will be used a lot. In the summer, not so much. But, unless you live in the deep south or the southwest, they’ll get used 3 out of 4 seasons, with spring and fall evenings getting quite chilly.

And, throws are really easy to find, too. BedBath & Beyond sells them somewhat inexpensively and they’re a decent quality.

A Marble Cheese Board

Who doesn’t like marble? If your friends are like most people, they’ll love getting something like this. Cheese, jellies, jams, and crackers. Throw in some wine and you have an instant (adult) party. And, they’re available through your local gift shop.

Plus, marble boards, unlike wooden ones, almost always look great just hanging out on a counter not being used. So, when your friends or family aren’t entertaining, they have a nice “show piece.”

Juice Glasses

Juice glasses are another great gift. When you move, lots of stuff gets broken or lost. And, glasses tend to be one of those things. Even if they don’t lose or break anything, new glasses are usually in order. For many, buying a home means merging two separate lifestyles or at least upgrading those lifestyles.

But, for many, that also means buying all new things – matching dishes included. Help them out by getting them started.

Window Treatments

It’s rare that window treatments from one place will work in another, especially when you consider the new floor plan, differing window sizes for most homes, and color schemes on the wall.

Almost everyone needs new curtains, and they’re an expense that no one really wants to incur. It’s an expense they have to incur. And, there’s really no way around it. So, if you can rush in with that as a gift, you’ll be the hero.

Spice Jars

This works well if the individual or couple is moving into a home with a larger kitchen. Larger kitchens mean more cooking opportunities. And, when most people cook, they need spices. If your friends or family are ethnic, specifically Indian or Thai or Chinese, it’s a slam dunk. New spice jars will be a big hit and something they will use almost every single day.

A Custom Stamp

This is a unique gift idea that won’t be used every day. But, when it is used, they will always think of you. A custom stamp is used to stamp envelopes with the person’s address. Instead of writing out the return address, the individual or couple uses the stamp. It’s inexpensive, and it’s memorable. Best of all, it’s something they’ll use.

Kelly Richardson is an interior designer who has just purchased her first home. She is planning how to make her house a home that’s unique to her, using her ideas and experiences for article topics which are published on various decor/DIY and women’s lifestyle blogs online.

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