Books for the Kids from Leslie A. Susskind

When it comes to finding books to read in our home, I enjoy seeking out various books for the different ages of kids in my home. So when we were sent a selection of books from Leslie A. Susskind, I was excited to share them with my kids. Below you can watch a video review on the books.

With the book Wish, you get a great family book that as Estrella mentioned, is great for those bedtime stories. This story is about the life of a dandelion seed which starts its journey in the wind after a child makes a wish! For this one we found that my 3 year old was very captivated by the story and has enjoyed having it added to his bedtime story collection.

With the book, The Kids Book of Good Sportsmanship, you get a book that helps both kids and their families understand the importance of being a good sport! This book has been a great one for my 7 year old to read during his reading time and is also one that we have enjoyed reading together when we have our story times!

Then for my eldest who is 12, we found the book, Help!  The little boy I’m babysitting just turned into a monster!, to be a fun one for her to read. In this story you find a young lady whose once normal 13 year old life is changed forever when she learns that her family is one that has some magical history to it. This magic is something that she finds is important to continue to use in order to keep others in the world safe! Making this book along with the others we were sent in this collection a great selection of books for kids of all ages to enjoy!

Product received, thank you to Leslie A. Susskind for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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