Gifts that Go Off the Registry

When it comes to preparing for baby and creating those lists and registries, as parents we find that we never really know what all we will need or want until baby is here. For me, I know that after having babies and finding myself in a been there done that stage, I find that when I seek out those gifts to give at baby showers or even get for when preparing for baby, I like to seek out the ones that are gifts that go off the registry. So when we were sent a pack of baby products to review, we were excited to check them out and add them to our list of products to have when preparing for baby!

One brand of products that all of my kids have enjoyed over the years, from birth on up, is HABA. So when we were sent the Wild Animals Mobile from HABA, I knew that it would be a must have item that is both fun and handy!

With this mobile I like that there are no hazards like you can get with loose threads that can get tangled. I also like that with the fun characters and colors, baby can enjoy watching their animal friends over and over again! Another plus that is not only fun, but that helps to make this mobile stand out from the rest is that with this mobile, parents and even older siblings can rearrange the fun animals as they please, to continue to give baby a new scene to look at over and over again!

For when you have those diaper changes where a diaper cream or ointment is needed, we found the BabyBum Brush is a great product to have in any diaper bag or at any changing area for baby! In fact, I see this product to be a new staple product that should be not only given to new parents, but something that should be in any diaper bag and be handy to have for parents and caregivers!

It helps to not only get the diaper creams and even ointments on little bottoms, but it keeps it from getting all over your fingers, under nails, and creating a mess. Also, instead of the cream getting clumpy and being caked on, it goes on smoothly, like it was intended to go on! Which in all allows you to get the diaper creams and ointments on thicker and smoother, without the mess!

Then when it comes to older babies, toddlers, and kids in general, we found the BiteSizers portable food scissors from Mixed Pears to be a great product to always have on hand! They are not only small enough to carry in the car, purse or diaper bag, but they also make eating on the go with kids a lot easier as well.

They allow us to prep and prepare foods for the kids when we are out or even when we are at home! Making these along with the other products that we were sent for review, a great selection to have, add to your registry, and give as gifts that go off the registry when you or someone you know are preparing for baby!

Product received, thank you to the PR for supplying me with product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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