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Spring Break will be here shortly and when it comes to finding ways to keep the kids minds going while we are on vacation, I find that seeking out books for them to enjoy is a great way to go! Recently we were sent a fun selection of books that not only make for a fun bedtime story selection but also make for a Spring Break reading list selection.

In this group of books, the kids get a fun selection that includes not only fun stories about animals but also some great non fiction stories as well. The books we were sent are as follows:

Midnight Madness at the Zoo By Sherryn Craig, Illustrated by Karen Jones
The bustle of the crowd is waning and the zoo is quieting for the night. The polar bear picks up the ball and dribbles onto the court; the nightly game begins. A frog jumps up to play one-on-one and then a penguin waddles in to join the team. Count along as the game grows with the addition of each new animal and the field of players builds to ten. Three zebras serve as referees and keep the clock, because this game must be over before the zookeeper makes her rounds.

Once Upon an Elephant by Linda Stanek Illustrated by Shennen Bersani
From stopping wildfires to planting seeds, one animal is the true superhero that keeps the African savanna in balance. Elephants dig to find salt for animals to lick, their deep footprints collect water for everyone to drink, and they eat young trees to keep the forest from overtaking the grasslands. In every season, the elephants are there to protect the savanna and its residents – but what would happen if the elephants were only “once upon a time”? Read along to discover the important role this keystone species plays in the savanna and explore what would happen if the elephants vanished.

Been There, Done That By Jen Funk Weber Illustrated by Andrea Gabriel
Spotting wildlife is a thrill, but it’s not easy. When Cole comes to visit his friend Helena, he can’t wait to see all the wildlife the forest has to offer—and disappointed when all he sees are a few birds. Together the kids set out on a hike and encounter plenty of animal signs along the way. Through observation and her knowledge of animal behavior, Helena helps Cole learn what each of the signs means: something had been there; something had done that.

Cash Kat By Linda Joy Singleton Illustrated by Christina Wald
Gram Hatter and Kat set off on an adventure. Gram quickly folds up a pirate hat and places it on Kat’s head and they begin their mission to help clean up the city park. Volunteering turns into a treasure hunt as Kat finds pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and even a dollar. With each discovery Kat gets a new hat and Gram Hatter teaches Kat how to count her coins as they pick up litter at the park. When Kat adds up her money, there’s enough for ice cream. Or should she donate the money to support the park instead?

Tornado Tamer by Terri Fields illustrated by Laura Jacques
In this adaptation of The Emperor’s New Clothes, Mayor Peacock declares he will hire a tornado tamer to protect the town. After a long search, Travis arrives to fill the position and this weasel has a plan. He will build a very special, transparent cover to protect the town. Travis’ magical cover is so transparent that only those smart enough and special enough can even see it. Mouse is doubtful, but his questions are brushed off. Months later, the cover has been hung and Travis has been paid a hefty sum, but a tornado is in the distance and the town is in its path. Will the magic cover protect the town?

Mammals: A Compare and Contrast Book by Katharine Hall
All mammals share certain characteristics that set them apart from animal classes. But some mammals live on land and other mammals spend their lives in water—each is adapted to its environment. Land mammals breathe oxygen through nostrils but some marine mammals breathe through blowholes. Compare and contrast mammals that live on land to those that live in the water.

Sharks and Dolphins By Kevin Kurtz
Sharks and dolphins both have torpedo-shaped bodies with fins on their backs. They slice through the water to grab their prey with sharp teeth. But despite their similarities, sharks and dolphins belong to different animal classes: one is a fish and gets oxygen from the water and the other is a mammal and gets oxygen from the air. Marine educator Kevin Kurtz guides early readers to compare and contrast these ocean predators through stunning photographs and simple, nonfiction text. Please let me know if you would like review copies, and as always I am happy to work with you on giveaways or set up author interviews and images.

We have found these books to be perfect for the Spring Break Reading Lists and you can add them to your kids lists as well when you get your copies today! You can find these titles along with many more when you go here: Arbordale Publishing

Product received, thank you to Arbordale Publishing as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Amanda Jigmond
    March 13, 2016 / 6:08 am

    Once Upon an Elephant sounds really interesting! I didn't realize they played such a key role!

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