Morning Made Better with iCoffee Opus

Like so many out there, when it comes to my mornings, I depend on my coffee to help me get through them. I am one who has to have my coffee before I begin conversing with others, and with that, I like to have brewers that allow me to brew my favorite coffee quickly. So when I was sent the iCoffee Opus to review, I was excited to not only begin using it right away, but also use it with some of my favorite coffee varieties.

See when I go for cups of coffee, I like to go for the single serve brewers. This allows me to get a variety of coffees in the mornings if I choose, and also allows me to brew my cups one at a time, so there is no pot to clean up or extra coffee wasted. I also like that with the iCoffee Opus, I can use those K-cup varieties I enjoy and get a better brew than I get with other single serve coffee makers with the SpinBrew technology, which gives me more of the coffee flavor I love!

Then when it comes to choosing the cup size for the brew, I like that I can go with a 8 oz or a 12 oz, and I can remove the tray on the bottom so I can fit in my travel mug. Making the iCoffee Opus a great single serve brewer to have in any home where you enjoy the single serve brewer, and would like to not only use any brand of the K-cups but also get more flavor in each cup!

Product received, thank you to iCoffee as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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