Prenatal Yoga with Ma Yoga Living Room

This post is sponsored by Ma Yoga, all opinions are my own.

As women, we tend to put our bodies through a lot and we do it in the name of love. The love is for the love of the babies we have and when we are pregnant, we find that things we once knew about our bodies and pains we never had, all come to fruition. So as a woman, and as a mom, I like to seek out ways to make those what some might see as a bother, a bit more tolerable so that we can focus on the important things. And recently I was introduced to a great tool for both pregnant moms and new moms when I was introduced to Ma Yoga which can help with reducing the pains and also helping our baby bodies out as well!

See when we are pregnant, our bodies change so that they can grow our babies. We find that in pregnancy, our bodies stretch, and we carry extra weight that may not just in our bellies but in other places as well. This stretching that goes on in our bodies and the strain that is put on our backs with the extra weight can cause pains. So when I came across the Ma Yoga, I was interested to find that the Yoga that is taught through their program is different than your everyday Yoga and is designed to help both pregnant moms and new moms with their baby bodies.

I like that with the Ma Yoga, you can get the prenatal Yoga that can help with the aches and pains and also help make pregnancy and delivery more enjoyable. Another plus is that even after you have baby, you can continue with the Ma Yoga and get the Yoga tools you need so that you can tone your abs after getting the mom belly and even strengthen your mind and soul!

Ma Yoga has helped more than 5,000 women with their certified Yoga instructors, prepare for labor and motherhood. They have done so by teaching moms how to relieve those aches and pains that might arise and also how to utilize off the mat techniques that can help moms connect with both their bodies and their babies! And with the new, Ma Yoga Living Room, they want to reach even more mothers by offering classes online to anyone who has access to a computer, the guidance and support they need, from their own living rooms!

The Ma Yoga Living Room Project has been created to reach moms from all walks of life. This will allow moms who do not have the access to a prenatal Yoga course locally or who may not have the money to pay for the class, to get the tools so that any mom who wants to utilize the classes and tools, can! With The Ma Yoga Living Room Project, the people from Ma Yoga are aiming to raise the money to make this dream of giving moms from around the world the access to the Ma Yoga from their own homes, a reality. And right now you can help with the project by checking out The Ma Yoga Living Room Project and supporting the campaign!

You can learn more about the Ma Yoga and the Ma Yoga Living Room Project by heading to the Ma Yoga site today.

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