The Good Dinosaur on Blu-Ray

Family movie night is a time in my home that we all look forward to. I see it as a time where we can come together to relax after a long week, pick out a couple of movies or shows to watch, and enjoy them together! Well like many households out there with kids, when the movie, The Good Dinosaur came to theaters, we lined up to watch it and when we found out when it was coming to Blu-Ray, we were excited to not only receive it for review, but also add it to our list of family movie night favorites!

In the movie, The Good Dinosaur, you have a world that is one in the same that we live in, except for one big difference. The difference is a important piece of history that effected our world millions of years ago, but in the movie, you find what might have happened had certain events in history not taken place. This then leads to the world of the dinosaurs, where they coexist with other creatures of the planet, which includes the human creatures.

A friendship finds its way to a pair of youngsters who find themselves in a situation that takes them on a adventure that is both exciting and somewhat dangerous at times. Giving the two not only a greater appreciation for the world that is outside of their own homes, but for one another as well.

For myself and my family, we found this movie to be a great one to watch with the family, and we also found it one that will need some tissues within reach while you watch it! Along with the movie itself, we also found the bonus features to be a lot of fun to add to our family movie night fun. These bonus features include a fun theatrical short, a feature called “True Lies About Dinosaurs” and more! Making Disney’s The Good Dinosaur a great movie to bring home and share with your family today!

Product received, thank you to Disney Home Movies as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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