Turn Your Cups into Sippy Cups with the Boon Snug Spout

As parents we tend to like to have the items we might need on hand and packed in our diaper bags when we are on the go. The thing is, those lists of items to pack even when we are just heading out for the day can leave our bags fully packed. So as a parent who likes to be prepared when it comes to being out with the kids, I like to seek out those items such as the Boon Snug Spout, that can help make being prepared a little easier.

See when I pack the Boon Snug Spout in the diaper bag, I do not need to pack those bulky sippy cups when I head out for the day. In fact, with the Boon Snug Spout, I can turn any cup into a sippy cup with ease!

I like that I can take out the Boon Snug when we are out eating, and not only turn the kids cups into sippy cups, but also keep those spills at the restaurant from taking place! I also like that when we are in the car on a road trip or even a simple trip to the store, I can keep the kids from making a mess when their juice cups fall over by simply putting a Boon Snug on the top of the cups. And when it comes to matching up sippy cups to the correct lids, well that issue is also eliminated with the Boon Snug since I can make it fit to a variety of cups!

Then when it comes to cleaning the Boon Snug Spout, I can put them in the dishwasher to wash and reuse them over and over again! Making the Boon Snug Spout a great product to have in any diaper bag, car or home when you have kids! You can find the Boon Snug at Target and at Target.com.

Product received, thank you to Boon as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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