Where to Start when Choosing your First Pet

So, you’ve
decided to get a four-legged friend for your home. Congratulations, you’re
about to welcome a new addition to your family, but have you thought about the
kind of animal that suits you best? There are a lot of things to take into
consideration when choosing your first pet, so here are just a few of them to
get you started.

Think about
your lifestyle

You might really
want a Husky dog or a Newfoundland, but you live in a one bedroom flat. To get
a large breed of dog in this situation is a bad idea for both of you, as you’ll
feel cramped while the dog is frustrated with pent-up energy.

Plus, the larger
the breed, the more exercise they need. If you’re an energetic person who loves
to go for a run after work, then a dog could be the perfect companion. If you’re
a couch potato though, a cat might be the better option, as they rarely need
any exercise.

Your lifestyle
and the environment you can provide should determine the kind of fur baby you
have. Remember, it can be cruel on the animal, so don’t get a pet that needs
regular attention if you spend 18 hours out of the house. 

Do your

No matter what animal you get, you should always
read up on your breed and do plenty of research into what they need. Just like
any child, your fur baby needs the perfect environment and mental stimulation in
order live a happy and healthy life. With cats, they need plenty of scratching
posts and towers for climbing if they’re indoor cats. They’re also very private
animals, so read up on how you can make them feel more secure.

Dogs are more
energetic, so they need plenty of toys and exercise outdoors. Plus, depending
on what lifestyle you have, think about whether an older animal would suit you.
Our Chloe is the perfect house pet as she’s the eldest of our dogs and much
more relaxed. Puppies are balls of energy and need constant attention, so
consider whether an older pet would feel more at home.

Don’t go straight for a pedigree

It’s easy to go
straight for a pedigree thinking that it’s the best animal, but there are so
many cross breeds that need just as much love! There are some stunning mixed breed puppies for sale, I think my favourite is the Puggle – a
cross between a pug and a beagle! 

Or, why not
consider going to an animal shelter. There are thousands of abandoned animals
near you just waiting for a loving family. You don’t have to worry about
aggression either, as no animal is put up for adoption without the shelter
being completely confident that it’s safe to do so. For more tips on adoption,
click here.

I hope this
advice has helped you decide which pet you’ll be welcoming into your home. Don’t
forget to tell me about your new arrival in the comments section.

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