5 Major Benefits of Kids Martial Arts: Here’s why you Must get your Kid Enrolled!

These days
it’s good to get your kids into something that keeps them fit, healthy and most
importantly something that they enjoy. More recently mixed martial arts have
been named the “world’s fastest growing sport ever” and martial arts is gaining
the interest of all ages of males and females every day. I guess you’re
thinking why not football or swimming? Why not gymnastics or ballet?!
Well..  I’m going to tell you 5 major key
benefits why you should choose martial arts over any other sport for your kids
and have you convinced by the end of this article.

Keep them fit

Your kids
will keep up their fitness no problem with all the punches and kicks they’ve
got to practice, as martial arts is a high form of aerobics and definitely a
fun way of keeping fit. The activities they will partake in will help tone and
strengthen the muscles of your growing kids, and with a good nutritional diet
your kid can increase in height.  Performing
the techniques and moves you will need a great deal of balance to maintain the
correct stance, therefore martial arts can develop your kids balance and give
them a good posture.

Way of living

Martial arts becomes more than just a hobby or
sport, you will get to grasps that it becomes a way of life and this is 
for kids when they are growing and learning. At the very beginning of the class
they will be taught to bow to their masters, this will teach them to be
disciplined and respect their elders. They not only learn how to defend
themselves but they learn about the culture of the art and the inner spirit.
These skills can be implemented to how they treat other people, relationships
with others and look at life with a more positive attitude resulting to a
happier mood.

Don’t mess with me

Every parent must have that fear of their
children being bullied at school, and sure it eases your mind knowing your
little boy or girl can defend themselves. However a lot of parents worry
martial arts might 
teach them
to become aggressive and violent, here is where you’re wrong. A lot of people
underestimate and don’t understand that martial arts actually does have other
values to it; like teaching them about respecting your opponent and to be
humble about your actions, even if you are a great fighter. The life values you
learn through martial arts are much more influential on kids as they are
growing and learning every day.

The Climb of the belts

Who would of thought the colour of your belt can
be so rewarding? Each colour they climb means they have completed a level up and
kids love the incentive from the belts. The confidence it gives them is exhilarating
and motivates them to get better for the next goal. It gives them a sense of 
and keeps them enthusiastic to work harder and to improve themselves. There are
so many classes to choose from and you can discover different techniques at
Martial Tribes.

education and growth

Yes that’s right, it has been proven that training in martial arts can improve
their performance in both academics and extra curricular activities. When
learning martial arts techniques, it requires a lot of concentration and focus
which can then be applied to books and studying. There is a lot of interaction in Martial
arts and this will help kids develop their social skills when practicing with
other students. Martial arts will also teach your kid to be more self reliant
and it’s also a good exercise for confidence building.

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  1. Rose-Marie
    April 24, 2016 / 4:19 pm

    I do know some parents who got their child interested in martial arts, and it did help build their confidence, especially kids who have been bullied. It is good exercise, I sure think it is much safer than football, too.

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