5 Tips for Boosting Business Productivity via Cell phone Tracker

Business owners who have concerns about careless or lazy employees who cause avoidable losses in the firm will want to know what those workers engage in via their cell phones. For this, using a cell phone tracker is an ideal approach. It is true that a large number of adults use their cell phones while they are at work. Having brief conversations during break time is acceptable at a workplace, but spending more hours playing games, texting, and watching videos is distracting and can lead to losses for the employer.

Monitoring what employees engage in while at work can help employers know how to control the problem of distraction and lazy workers. Investing in such software is a step in the right direction. There are several reviews about spying and monitoring apps online, which can help choose the best one that fits your needs. With such apps, e.g. xnspy, here’s a list of things business owners can do to improve productivity and to boost their business.

Tip 1: Monitor Activities on Cell Phone – Employers should review employees’ activities on the cell phone with the app installed on it, to take the following necessary actions. By checking incoming and outgoing text messages, calls, and browsing history employers can tell how much time the employee wastes. By keeping track of locations where the employee travels to, employers can take action if the employee diverts from the task assigned and wastes time before returning to work.

Tip 2: Monitor Shared Information – Moreover, using such a cell phone tracker, employers can know for sure if the employee engages in espionage or shares sensitive customer information to third parties without permission. XNSPY and the similar apps can also monitor internet chat tools like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Kik, Line, and Facebook Messenger. In fact, it also monitors emails (Gmail). If the employee engages in anything that can be detrimental for the company’s name, employers can take legal action against the employee with evidentiary backing.

Tip 3: Make Schedules for Permissible Use of Cell Phones – Business owners cannot stop people from using their cell phones to keep in touch with people in their personal lives while at work. There may be an emergency at home and loved ones may want to get in touch with employees, which is why they would want to use the cell phone while at work. However, you can make strict rules to allow them to receive calls during break time.

Tip 4: Business Owners Should Outline Concerns They Have – Employers should outline concerns about how to use the cell phone they provide to employees. Emphasize the fact that it should not interfere with productivity. Employers should express concerns about confidentiality, sharing sensitive information, and mention the fact that they will be watching and reviewing activities via the Cell Phone, including contact list, messages, photos, videos, and call logs.

It will also be a good idea to mention that the app uses GPS Tracking, Geo-fencing, and can record calls and sounds in the surroundings of the cell phone. This will keep employers on their toes all the while at work.

Tip 5: Stay in Control of the Device – If the worker fails to comply with regular warnings for misusing the cell phone at work, employers can lock the device and wipe off all the data on it, remotely. Since the app sends notifications whenever the employee contacts a Watch-listed person, or uses a Watch-listed word, employers can always stay in control of the device and take extreme measures if necessary.

Conclusively, using a cell phone tracker does boost productivity and helps business grow by making employees disciplined, increasing efficiency and transparency, and by improving time management.

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  1. Janet W.
    April 9, 2016 / 10:45 am

    I can definitely see how using a cell phone tracker boosts productivity! Makes sense!

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