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When I think of cleaning and my family, I think of the
products that I use and how my family and I like to incorporate fun when
cleaning. For myself, I like to look back on the cleaning tools we used when I
was younger. When I was in school, we were taught ways to clean our school and
our surroundings together, as a team. So when I think of ways to clean, I like
to keep that same attitude towards getting chores done with my own family, and
I like to incorporate tools that offer some of the same safe and natural
ingredients we used growing up.

The school I went to was unlike any others I
have come across. It was a very unique school, where we were more than just
students in a class who had teachers teaching them, we were more of a family.
The school was called Down to Earth, and in the years that I attended, I
a lot when it came to
not only working as a team to get things done, but I also learned how to
garden, how to clean using natural products and how to take care of and respect
the Earth. And with that, when I head to my local Fred Meyer store to pick up
the cleaning products I need for cleaning in my home, I like to go for the Mrs.
Meyer’s Clean Day
® products.

I like that when I go to my local Fred Meyer store to do my
grocery shopping and pick up some of the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day®
products, I can find those products I need by heading over to the Natural
Choices section of the store.

I find it to be very convenient that Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day®
products are in this section, because I can pick up the cleaning supplies,
along with the other Natural Choices grocery items that are on my list. I also
like that I can get the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® products to clean my
entire house from the kitchen to the bathrooms and even the laundry!

This is also great for when we head out on those memorable
family camping trips, like our plans to head out for a weekend of fun when we
celebrate Earth Day, April 22nd! I say this because when I purchase Mrs.
Meyer’s Clean Day® products, I can not only use them for everyday
use in the home, but they are safe and effective for using when we are camping
as well!

I can appreciate that Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day®
products use natural essential oils to help freshen my home. I also like that
the products are phosphate-free, and they never test on animals. Which when we
are camping, helps me to keep my family on track when we follow our camp rules.
Especially the one where we leave the camp and surrounding areas cleaner than
the way we found it! 

We can do so by ensuring that we pack out whatever we packed
in, and before we leave we go around and pick up any trash or debris in the
surrounding area that may have been left by previous campers. This not only
helps to teach my kids the importance of cleaning up the environment and
leaving it the way they found it, but also cleaning up, even if it was not
their mess, so that others can enjoy it as well! It’s important to bring along Mrs.
Meyer’s Clean Day® products when we camp, so we can clean the
tables, our dishes and any other items we might need to wash while we are

If you are planning a camping trip in the near future and want
to find the cleaning products that are safe on the environment, or if you are
looking for those everyday cleaning products to use in your home, be sure to
head to your local Fred Meyer and pick up some of the products from Mrs.
Meyer’s Clean Day®!


  1. Julie Wood
    April 13, 2016 / 12:31 pm

    I shop at Fred Meyers, and really like the Mrs. Meyer brand of products because they work so well without all the chemicals! I like the smell of their products too.

  2. Rose-Marie
    April 13, 2016 / 3:31 pm

    I'm terribly sensitive to many products, and even to dust. It sounds like a good excuse to do little cleaning, or you have to do it every day so it doesn't add up. I'd love to try these products, they sound perfect for me!

  3. ashley keinath
    April 30, 2016 / 7:45 pm

    I love this brand and had some great tips here! We find it at Meijer!

  4. Anonymous
    May 3, 2018 / 1:40 pm

    Wow this is very interesting method to clean our products and i hope every house keeper are like this. This is easy and also time saver. I hope every people are enjoy this cleaning tips. Check It Out

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