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When it comes to our kids, we find that engaging and feeding their minds is something we do on a daily basis. We start from when we are pregnant with them where we play music, read stories, and talk to them, and once they are born we do not stop. As parents, we continue to engage our little ones, helping them to reach those milestones and finding ways that can help encourage their development. We find as they grow and begin their learning journeys in school, we continue to seek out the tools that can help with their development. And when I find new tools that can help with my kids, at whatever stage they are at in life, I not only enjoy utilizing them but also sharing them with others as well. So when I was introduced to the site, I was excited to have my kids begin using it and also review it for my readers as well.

With, I found it to be a site that has a lot to offer when it comes to aiding our kids in their success with learning.

They offer a tutoring type program, unlike others I have tried, that helps to give your kids, grades K-12, the tools they need when it comes to understanding and succeeding when it comes to their school work. They use videos and the videos are created using research based teachings that help kids in gaining clarity when it comes to their work. They do so by using story telling techniques that are made for your kids to be able to follow along with.

The problems they offer allow kids to not only get a interactive teaching. but also a program that gives kids the tools they need so they can learn and continue to challenge themselves while doing so. With the problem solving that is offered, you get real world test questions, which have been created by expert teachers.

When it comes to taking and utilizing the tools that the kids learn from the videos, you can print off the worksheets so that they can take tests that are similar to ones they might be given in a classroom. You and your kids can pick which worksheets to print out, and once they have completed the problems on the sheets, you can get the answers to check the work.

Aside from the tools and the work, I like that after the kids have completed the worksheets, we can not only compare the answers, but also see how the answers can be solved. Allowing us to continue learning from the practice as well. Then when it comes to homework that my kids bring home from school, well we can get help with that as well. We can do so by utilizing the homework chat that is available.

With the homework chat, my kids can go on and ask the questions they might be having when it comes to their homework and studying, and get the answers they need right away from real teachers! Which in all, helps my kids to improve their grades as well as enjoy their schoolwork and look forward to learning more. Making a tool that is a must have for any home with kids who are in school grades K-12!!!

You can check out for yourself and get a lifetime access to the program for just $9.99, which is normally $199. To get this amazing offer, just use this exclusive link:

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  1. Janet W.
    April 12, 2016 / 9:39 am

    Thanks for the info! I'll keep this in mind if my grandsons ever need something like this. Sounds beneficial!

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