Pet Foods, Grains and your Pets

This post is sponsored and written by me on behalf of Petcurean through a campaign managed by their PR. All opinions are my own. 

When it comes to our dogs, I find that they are just four legged fur babies and as a parent to a fur baby, I want the best for them just as I do for my own kids. I have found that having a senior dog can be a lot more trying than with a younger dog when it comes to health. But when it comes to the health of our pets, whether they are young or old, I want to ensure that I am doing what is right for them so they can be healthy and happy! So, when I think about where to start, just like with my own kids, their health starts at home with their diets. And with the Petcurean dog foods and treats, I like knowing that I am giving my Chloe the foods that have everything she needs and nothing added that she does not need.

See like many, I have noticed that when it comes to the pet foods we feed our dogs and even our cats, the grain free option is not only something we are seeing more and more in the pet food isles at the stores, but also something more vets are recommending as well. Before changing Chloe’s food to the Petcurean Senior, we had tried various foods with her. We had been told by her vet that with her age, she is showing more signs of food sensitivities than she had when she was younger, and that those grains that she was eating could be what was contributing to her issues with digestion and even with her overall health.

It was explained to us that similar to the difference going Gluten Free for some might make in their diets, Chloe has shown that the change has made a huge difference in her overall health. I also learned that the idea of having gluten free pet foods is not just something we can get with the Petcurean dog foods and an idea that our vet has mentioned, but also one that I could learn more about by reading the article on the Petcurean site, The Great Grain Debate: Should pet foods avoid grains? by DR. JENNIFER ADOLPHE.

By reading the article, I found more of an understanding to what our vet had mentioned and also learned more about the debate behind going grain free for our pets! I also found that by not only reading the article, but also seeing the difference for ourselves in Chloe’s diet, makes us not only believers in the grain free diet for dogs, but also ones who will tell others about the difference as well! Making our choice to go grain free with Petcurean for Chloe, one that we continue to stand by!

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  1. Julie Wood
    May 1, 2016 / 12:53 pm

    Some dog foods have too much grains and not enough healthy meats and veges. It is really important to make sure we give our dogs the best dog food for a long life! I would reduce the grains!

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