The Power of Placenta Banking with LifebankUSA

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of LifebankUSA.

Mothers Day is coming up, and when we think of gifts to get the moms in our lives, I have found that finding gifts for expecting moms is something that many might overlook. The thing is, being a mom myself, we feel those connections to our babies long before they are born, and we begin protecting and caring for our babies while they are growing in our bellies. So when I think of gifts that are ideal for getting the expecting mom this Mothers Day, I like to think of the gifts that will continue to keep on giving, and one such gift is the gift of life which is what you can get with cord blood banking and placenta banking that can be purchases through LifebankUSA!

Like many, I have heard of and I am familiar with the cord blood bank option that is available through LifebankUSA. I know that with the cord blood banking that I can get for my babies, I can store stem cells from my newborns umbilical cord, right after they are born. I also know that with these stem cells, we can use them for lifesaving medical treatments if they are ever needed, and with a stem cell transplant, we can use them if we ever need to, to treat around 80 diseases! But like many, I might have been aware of the cord blood banking, but lacking the knowledge when it comes to placenta banking.

See recently I have learned that when it comes to those gifts that keep on giving for years to come, along with the cord blood bank, I can also go to LifebankUSA and use the placenta banking. I can do so by not only saving the cord blood so that it can be used if ever needed for both my child and or any blood relatives who might be needing it, but I can also save my babies placenta after birth and bank that as well so I can maximize the uses of the stem cells available.

With the placenta, the blood that is in it is rich with those precious stem cells which can only be found in the umbilical cord and the placenta. And instead of throwing out the placenta after birth, we can have the blood from the placenta, collected and stored. The process is like the one with the cord blood collection, and all we have to do is have our doctor place the placenta in a canister then put in the LifebankUSA kit to be sent in and saved!

The saving of the placenta blood can not only increase the amount of precious stem cells we will have for our baby and family if ever needed, but with more stem cells we can have a greater chance of successful transplants and treatments. Making the amount of stem cells we have collected by adding placenta banking, more powerful when we have more than just the cord blood bank! Which in all, makes the choice to give the gift of placenta banking along with cord blood banking through LifebankUSA, a gift that is truly the gift of life and is one that will keep on giving for years to come!

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  1. Julie Wood
    April 21, 2016 / 3:36 pm

    This is really a great option to have to bank cord blood in case a Mom needs it down the road. I wish I would have known about this when I had my son and daughter.

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