Caillou's Pet Parade on DVD

When it comes to the shows that my kids enjoy watching, I have found that over the years, my boys have enjoyed adding Caillou to their list of favorites. So when we were sent the DVD, Caillou’s Pet Parade to review, I was excited to add it to our collection.

Like in the fun filled series of Caillou, you find that in this DVD you have a selection of the Caillou shows that offer fun and friendship with animals! Caillou explores the world as he learns how to have fun and love the animals in his life, from playing fetch with a dog to drawing pictures of his goldfish. In fact, you find that in this DVD, there are animals of all types that Caillou encounters in the episodes. And in that curious fashion that the little boy Caillou has, he explores the world around him with the animals that are in it.

The episodes include:

Caillou and Gilbert

Caillou has nobody to play with, so he recruits Gilbert his cat. He tries to get Gilbert to play his favorite games, but Gilbert isn’t interested in the slightest. When Mom points out that Caillou’s been trying to get the cat to play people games, he realizes that Gilbert probably wants to play kitty cat games.

Caillou is Scared of Dogs

One day in the park Caillou is scared by a stranger’s dog, so he’s very nervous when he visits Grandma’s house and discovers she’s looking after a friend’s dog. But bit by bit they get to know each other and pretty soon Caillou isn’t nervous at all. In fact, he’s made a brand new friend.

Caillou Walks a Dog

Grandma is looking after her friend’s dog again. She shows Caillou how to walk the puppy on a leash and how to play “fetch” with a ball. Caillou loves having the puppy obey his orders and pesters Mom and Dad for a dog of his own. They say he already has a pet: Gilbert. Maybe when he’s a bit older he can have a dog. Caillou understands and in the meantime he attaches a leash to a toy dog and proudly walks it around the house.

Caillou Goes Birdwatching

Grandma always has the best surprises for Caillou. When they go to the park together she introduces him to the birds who live there. The chickadees and cardinals come and take the food right out of his hand. When they go home Grandma presents Caillou with a little birdhouse so he can go birdwatching every day.

Caillou the Jungle Explorer

Caillou’s friend Sarah has a magnifying glass. She shows Caillou how it makes everything in the garden look bigger and suggests a game. Caillou will be a great jungle explorer, using the magnifying glass to make butterflies look as big as birds and Gilbert the cat as big as a lion.

Leo’s Hamster

Caillou loves Leo’s pet hamster and would really like to have his own, so he is thrilled when he gets to look after it while Leo and his parents are out of town. But he soon discovers that the job is a lot of hard work, especially with Gilbert around!

The Little Bird

Caillou and Sarah find a baby bird that fell from its nest. With Mom and Sarah’s help Caillou cares for it and protects it from a very interested Gilbert. He’s a bit frightened by the bird at first, but soon grows attached to it. Soon the bird is ready to fly and Caillou has to let him go.

Follow That Sound!

On a winter evening, a strange sound grabs Caillou’s attention. Caillou first searches the living room but the sound seems to come from elsewhere. He follows the sound to find out its source. His quest takes him to see Dad in the basement where the sound is heard again. Caillou continues his search and discovers Gilbert in his room, having a great time playing with a baby toy.

Caillou and the Puppies

Caillou and Dad go over to Mr. Hinkle’s house to help him build a dog house. Caillou soon meets Mr. Hinkle’s guests, a Mommy dog with her two puppies, who are staying with him for a few days. When one of the puppies disappears, Caillou helps look for him. Fortunately, the bold little puppy comes out of hiding and joins his family in their new home. 

Clementine’s New Pet

When Mom takes Caillou to Clementine’s to see her new pet, she won’t tell Caillou what kind of animal it is. She wants it to be a surprise. Caillou soon discovers that Clementine’s new pet is a goldfish named Goldie! Clementine teaches Caillou how to feed him. Clementine and Caillou play with Goldie by holding toys against the glass of the fish bowl. After a snack, Caillou and Clementine decide to make drawings of Goldie and are amazed when the fish seems to look at the pictures when they hold them against the fish bowl.

Gilbert’s House

When Caillou spots a dog house outside he gets the idea that Gilbert might like a house of his own. Caillou finds a cardboard box and some crayons and with Gilbert’s help, he decides how to decorate the house. Once done, Gilbert’s new house is a success!

Cowboy Caillou

Jonas, a friend of Dad’s and a real cowboy, has invited the family to visit his ranch. Caillou had never met a real cowboy before. Caillou learns a lot about horses and even gets to brush a pony named Lucky. Jonas also has a great surprise for them all. He takes them on a wagon ride and gives Caillou a terrific souvenir: his very own cowboy hat!

Caillou and the Sheep

Grandma takes Caillou on a special visit to a sheep farm. There, Mary, a 10-year-old girl, takes Caillou on a tour, teaching him about sheep, sheering, and the spinning of wool.

Making Caillou’s Pet Parade a great selection to add to any Caillou collection!

Product received, thank you to PBS Distribution as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Fiddlin' Dandi
    May 13, 2016 / 12:08 pm

    This looks like something my niece and nephew would really enjoy watching!

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