Celebrate Mother's Day with Glamulet

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With Mothers Day coming up, the time for finding those gifts to give mom is now. For me, when I think of the gifts I would enjoy or that I would get my own mom, I like to look at the options. I have found that with my own mom, and even when it comes to the things I like, jewelry can make for a great gift. Over the years I have found a fondness for those charm bracelets that are out there and adding new charms to my bracelets, and one place I have enjoyed searching for those charms and sending my husband to is Glamulet! So when I was sent a bracelet along with some Mothers Day charms from Glamulet to review, I was excited to check them out and add them to my collection!

Like many other women I know out there, when it comes to those charm bracelets, adding to them is like telling a story. And I like that when I head to Glamulet, I can find a large variety of charms to add to my wish list so I can continue building those bracelets that I not only like wearing, but also enjoy showing off with the stories that each of the charms tell! With the Mothers Day themed charms that I was sent from Glamulet, I was pleased to see a variety of charms that go great together, and when they are on the bracelet, they are ready to be worn and even added to!

See with the charms I found on Glamulet, I like that I can go on and find ones that will go with the set I have started. This allows me to continue to add to my bracelet until I feel it is complete, then begin a new one. It also gives me a great site that I can send others to when they come to me and ask what I would like when they are seeking out gifts to give, because when I add a new charm to any of my sets, I am adding to the story that puts each bracelet together! Making the choice to shop the charms and bracelets from Glamulet, one that will not only give mom a beautiful piece of jewelry, but one that tells a story of her journey in motherhood! Also when you share items from the Glamulet site http://goo.gl/3qN46O you will be entered in a drawing to get a completed bracelet with retail value of $200 and 15% discount code BB-MOM for any orders over $70.

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