Keep Mom Cool and Comfortable with the Haier Serenity Window AC

When we think of moms, comfort is something that is a given when it comes to some of the things that moms do for their kids. Moms provide comfort, whether it is to comfort a child after they have fallen on the playground or comfort a fussy baby before bed. And with comfort, we find that the comfort a mom gives is not limited to a childs’ age or to how many children a mother has. So when we think of what to get mom this Mothers Day, to thank her for everything she does for us, giving mom the gift of comfort is something that she can really appreciate. Recently I was sent a great gift that offers comfort when I was sent a Haier Serenity Air Conditioner!

With the Haier Serenity series of Air Conditioners, you can find a line of window units that not only provide comfort, but that are also quiet. As a mom, I can appreciate the quiet aspect of these units. Because with a quiet window ac, I can put it in the nursery to help provide that cooling comfort for both baby and myself when we are in there during those hot summer days to come, as well as do it without having to worry about loud noise that you get with other similar units on the market. In fact when it comes to the noise that you do get, you get a sound that is as quiet as the sound of a gentle rain.

I can also appreciate that with the Haier Serenity Air Conditioner that I was sent for review, aside from the quiet aspect that it also offers a cooling that is a world class cooling when it comes to window air conditioners! I can help to cool the entire room and reduce any warm or hot spots in the room with four way air direction that I get with the adjustable louvers which route airflow up, down, left or right. With the cooling this unit offers, I like that it can cool the room in very little time and that it has four modes that I can choose from. These include circulating the room air, lower the room temp, conserve energy, or reduce the humidity in the air. I can also program the unit to turn off or put it in sleep mode when I do not need it on with the 24 hour timer plus sleep mode,

Then when it comes to choosing the right size and being able to use the Haier Serenity Air Conditioners, I like that there are two units to choose from which are made to be used in various room sizes. I also like that with the LED remote that comes with this unit, I can see and control the settings from the palm of my hand, which allows me to change temps or modes while baby is sleeping without disturbing baby! In all, making the Haier Serenity Series a great selection to choose from when seeking out a quiet and effective window air conditioner unit to put in your home and provide mom with comfort!

Product received, thank you to Haier as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Fiddlin' Dandi
    May 9, 2016 / 11:31 am

    We used to live in a really old house that got so hot in the summer, and it would have been so nice to have one of these!

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