Take the Charmin Challenge and Enter to Win 1 Years Supply of Charmin

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Charmin, I was sent product to facilitate this review as well. Thank you to the PR and Charmin for sponsoring this post.

When I think of the daily necessities that my family and I use in our home, I think of items such as our toiletries. In my home, when it comes down to which product we use daily is something that can really make a difference, I find that the toilet tissue we use is at the top of the list. We take the toilet tissue we use seriously, and when it comes to the brand we use, it is a hands down that Charmin is mine and my families #1 choice! So when I was asked to take the Charmin Challenge, well it was a given that we were on board and ready to take on the challenge!

The challenge was a simple one, one where we were asked to go with the Charmin Ultra Strong in our house for one week. To make this challenge one where I could get the feedback I needed from my family, I had to start out the week before our Charmin Challenge week, by changing our toilet paper to the “other guys brand” since Charmin was already our brand of choice. After day 1 I was already getting complaints. There was no fooling my family by changing out our Charmin with “the other brand”. But I kept the other toilet paper in our restrooms for a few days, before going in and switching out that toilet paper with the Charmin Ultra Strong.

Again, it did not take long at all for my family to see and even feel the difference. First off, my kids pointed out that compared to the other brand that I had them use, the Charmin Ultra Strong did not tear or fall apart when they went to clean their bottoms, even when it was wet. They said that with the other brand, they had to use quite a bit to get clean, to where with the Charmin Ultra Strong, they only needed an average of 5 sheets. Which when compared to “the other brand”, they used 4 times less toilet paper when they use the Charmin Ultra Strong.

We all also agreed that with the texture and feel of the Charmin Ultra Strong, you get a washcloth like feel. And when it comes to the clean, we find that we get and feel cleaner and there is no lint left behind on our behinds when we use the Charmin Ultra Strong! Making it a given that when it comes to choosing a toilet paper to use in my home, the Charmin products such as the Charmin Ultra Strong, are the products to go with to get those behinds clean!

So if you want to see if Charmin will make a difference in your home, take the challenge for yourself and see and feel the difference and refresh your home with Charmin today! Also, right now you can enter to win a year’s supply of Charmin in the Charmin’s Ratings and Reviews Sweepstakes. To enter, head on over to Charmin’s Facebook page and leave a review to be entered, go here: http://ow.ly/10AxyP

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