Wrap up in Comfort with the Cloud b Snuzzle

When it comes to the things that moms do for us, one of the biggest that they do from day one is provide us with comfort. They offer comfort to a fussy baby, comfort to a little one after they fall, and continue to offer comfort throughout our lives. For me, with my own mom, she is a woman who has not only provided me with comfort while I was growing up, but she was there to provide comfort when I had my babies and has played the role of grandma, continuing to provide comfort for her grand babies as well. So when I was sent the Cloud b Snuzzle to review, I found it to be the perfect gift to give my mom to provide her with a bit of comfort as well!

With the Cloud b Snuzzles, you get a soft and stylish vest that comes with a hood on it. I like that the material is not only ideal for little ones to use, but they are soft and help to keep you warm as well. The Snuzzles come in sizes not only for little ones from birth on up but they also come in a adult size, allowing moms to cuddle up when it is story time with their little ones.

Then when it comes to those little imaginations, the Cloud b Snuzzles are great for playing dress up in, transforming your little ones into cute bears and sheep which are not only fun but also help to keep you and your babies warm! Making the Cloud b Snuzzle a great and fun blanket like item that offers warmth and comfort for both babies and parents.

Product received, thank you to Cloud b as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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