Celebrate Summer of Floats with 7UP Sunkist & More at Target

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The summer is upon us and like so many others, I not only enjoy spending the time making memories with my family, but also sharing my own memories of summer from when I was a kid, with my kids. For me, when I think of summertime, I think of the vacations I went on with my family and also the time I spent with loved ones. And one memory I have that I enjoy sharing with my kids is the time I spent during the summers with my grandfather, helping him at his ice cream parlor. So when I was given the chance to recreate my personal summer favorite drink and celebrate the summer of floats, I was excited to get started!

When I think back on the days I spent with my grandfather in his ice cream parlor, I think about the memories we made. Like when we would take our lunch break and make some old fashioned fountain style floats to enjoy with our lunches as we would sit on the porch and talk. I can remember not only enjoying the floats, but also being taught how to make a variety of floats that we served to our customers. When I think of the floats that I enjoyed most, I think of the ones such as the Orange Cream Floats and the Cherry Limeade Floats.

To get started on making the soda fountain style floats I headed to my local Target Store where I was able to pick up some of the Archer Farms ice creams and with the small cans of the 7UP® and Sunkist® that I needed. Along with the main ingredients I also picked up some grenadine and maraschino cherries.

Once I was at home I got all of the ingredients I needed out and began by making the 7UP® Cherry Limeade Floats and the Orange Cream Floats.

Ingredients for 7UP® Cherry Limeade Floats:

small cans of 7UP® (1 can for each float)

Archer Farms Ice Cream


maraschino cherries

To get started add 1 Tablespoon of the grenadine to the cup, add a small amount of 7UP®, then 1 small scoop of ice cream. On top of that first scoop add another small amount of the 7UP® then followed with 2 scoops of ice cream. Drizzle some grenadine on top, slowly add the remaining amount of the 7UP®, top with a cherry and enjoy!

Ingredients for Orange Cream Floats:

small cans of Sunkist® (1 can for each float)

Archer Farms Ice Cream

To get started add small amount of Sunkist® to cup then add small scoop of ice cream. On top of the first scoop add a little more of the Sunkist® then follow with 2 more scoops of ice cream and finish the float by slowly adding the remaining amount of Sunkist® and enjoy!

I found these floats to give me a sense of nostalgia as well as a great line up to share with my own family this summer. Then along with my own floats, I liked that I could find even more ways to celebrate the summer of floats by heading here! Making the choice to head to my local Target when it comes to celebrating the summer of floats with 7UP®, A&W®, Sunkist® (and more), is one that will help to make this summer a memorable one! To help when it comes to making more floats this summer, be sure to check out this Cartwheel Offer where, starting on 6/26 and running through 7/30, you can get 5% OFF 2L or Mini Cans of A&W®, Sunkist®, 7UP®, Canada Dry®, Dr Pepper®, and more. You can also save in store when you buy any two Archer Farms 48 oz Ice-Creams, and get a FREE 2L or 6PK Mini Cans A&W®, Sunkist,® 7UP®, Canada Dry® and more!

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