Combat Thinning Hair with the #NIOXINChallenge

This post was sponsored on behalf of NIOXIN. All opinions stated are my own.

When it comes to beauty and our looks, we rely on a lot of various products. We also find that whether it be our skin or our hair, that there are challenges that we find might cause issues with how we want our appearances to be. For me, my biggest issue is my hair. I have had the issue of thinning hair since I was in my early twenties and over the years I have tried different products that help with making my hair have a thicker appearance as well as with making my hair and scalp healthier to help promote hair growth. So when I was given the chance to take the NIOXIN Challenge, I was excited to try the set of products I was sent out and see the difference. You can see my before and after photos below to see the difference the NIOXIN Challenge has made on my hair.

As you can see, in the before photo, my hair is very thin and I have areas where the hair is very minimal, and in the after photo you can see the difference that the NIOXIN products have made after 2 weeks of use. I like that my hair has a bit more volume to it and the fact that I have little hairs on my head, causing frizz, but much wanted frizz due to the new hair growth that has appeared. I have been very pleased with the results thus far and I plan on continuing using the NIOXIN products for even more positive results.

To get started with the challenge I first went to the NIOXIN site where I was able to utilize the online NIOXIN Consultation Tool. The tool is simple to use and after answering a few questions about my hair type I was then given the number of the System Kit that is best for my hair type.

Once my NIOXIN system arrived with some of the other products that included the Night Density Rescue Treatment and Bodifying Foam, I was ready to take on the challenge. I found that using the Cleanser and Scalp Therapy Conditioner in the shower fit right into my normal hair washing routine. After my hair was clean I then used the Scalp Therapy Foam followed by the Bodifying Foam. I found that the Bodifying Foam seemed to make a big difference, especially after I dried and styled my hair. This was noticeable the first day of use, and it not only made a difference that I could see and feel when it came to my hair and the volume but it was also made a difference in my confidence when it comes to how I feel about my hair.

Aside from the hair cleansing treatments and the Bodifying Foam, I also have been using the Night Density Rescue Treatment every night before bed. I not only love the smell that this treatment has but I also like that it is part of the line of the Intensive Hair Treatments from the NIOXIN line. And like I said, I have noticed new hair growth, which is huge for me. Aside from the volume that the foam gives me I have been very pleased with the noticeable results that the other products I was sent have made! Making the choice to take on the NIOXIN Challenge one that I have enjoyed and will continue to utilize!

So if you are ready to see a difference when it comes to your hair and improve the thickness with noticeable results, be sure to head to the NIOXIN site today and start your challenge by using the NIOXIN Consultation Tool!


  1. Fiddlin' Dandi
    June 24, 2016 / 10:47 am

    I've never heard of this product before, but it might be handy sometime down the road!

  2. Julie Wood
    June 26, 2016 / 1:35 pm

    I have some of these products and they work very good in helping to thicken my hair. My hair is thinning and I need some thickness to it.

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