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When it comes to our health, we find that there are so many products out there that claim they can help. From the weightloss products that say that they will help you loose weight quick to the products that say they can help you get a better complexion or sleep better at night. The thing is, when it comes down to it, our health has to come from within and not all products that are out there work or have ingredients that are non toxic to your body. And to help with the issues such as weight management, complexion, and even sleep, we need to help our bodies by starting from the inside. So when I was introduced to the NuCulture from AlternaScript, I was curious to learn more and find out how their line of probiotics differ from the rest.

See when it comes to our weight, complexion, and even sleep as well as other areas of our health, we find that they all depend on our digestive tract. If our digestive areas are unhealthy and or unbalanced, we can feel sluggish, tired, and we can feel these effects from it by having issues with sleep, our weight, and our complexion. We find that our intestines depend on healthy bacteria which can be found in our diets so that the nutrients and waste can go where they need to go and our bodies can function the way they are intended to. We also find that more times than not, our bodies need a boost when it comes to these bacteria so that they can function properly, and with the Probiotics we can get from NuCulture from AlternaScript, you get a probiotic that has been specially formulated to help grow those healthy bacteria in our bodies.

With NuCulture, you find that it contains 5 probiotic strains, which are each patented, extensively tested, and made to work. The NuCulture that you get from AlternaScript has a prebiotic that unlike others on the market has been shown to be effective within hours after you first take them. They work in both your small and large intestines, you don’t get the uncomfortable gas that you might get with others, and you just need small doses to work. I also like that the ingredients in NuCulture are non-competing premium patented strains. Another feature that I find to be one that stands out is the capsules, because they are not only vegan but they are made to not dissolve in your stomach acids so the probiotics can effectively get to the area of the intestines where they are needed. Which in all makes the NuCulture from AlternaScript a probiotic that is proven to stand out from the rest!

You can get your NuCulture as well as other AlternaScript products with a subscription that you can get through the AlternaScript website. Also be sure to get your free product to try for yourself when you request a 14 day free trial on the AlternaScript site!

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  1. Julie Wood
    June 22, 2016 / 1:41 pm

    This sounds like a great product to take to help the digestive system. I like that it does not cause digestive symptoms that others cause. Thanks for sharing.

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