Summer Road Trips with Glad and Hidden Valley

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The time for those epic summer road trips is now, and like many, I have been seeking out those snacks and activities that can help make those times in the car easier and more fun for everyone! As a parent, when it comes to the snacking on the go, I like to have snacks that are easy to get to and handle, and when it comes to the activities for the kids I find that I look for the same. So when I was given the chance to share some of my favorite go to snacks and activities for summer road trips with Hidden Valley Ranch and Glad with my readers, I was excited to get started!

To get started, I first headed to my local Fred Meyer and picked up some of the Hidden Valley Ranch To Go Cups along with some of the fun Glad Sandwich Bags with those iconic movie characters on them! Also, while I was at Fred Meyer I picked up some of the other items I needed for both the activity kits and the snack packs that I made. These other products included crayons, parsnips, rutabagas, turnips, (or any other root vegetable) and some sea salt.

Once I was home, I began baking the veggie chips for the snack bags.

Ingredients for Veggie Chips:




Sea Salt

(any root vegetable will work by the way 😉 )

For the veggie chips I sliced each of the vegetables thinly, put them on paper towels, then sprinkled with salt and let stand for 20 minutes. When waiting on the vegetables, I preheated the oven to 375. From there I dabbed the excess water off of the vegetables with a paper towel then placed the vegetables on a baking sheet then baked in the oven for 25 minutes. Let stand for 5 minutes, and salt to taste.

After the chips were cool enough, I divided them up in the Glad Bags and put 1 Hidden Valley Ranch To Go cup in each bag to eat as a snack later.

For the activity bags for the kids, I first created a fun game of Blackout Car Bingo. You can print this game off below. When I printed the Bingo cards I set up the print sheet to have 4 on one sheet of paper so that they fit in the baggies without having to fold them.

To play a game of Blackout Car Bingo, give each player their Bingo card, then as they spot the items that are on the card they can use a crayon to mark their boxes. They must also let others know what they are marking and where the item is so it can be verified for fair play. The first person to get all items on card wins!

Another activity I went with for the activity bags is a fun color your own puzzle. You can print off the photo of the puzzle I created below. Once I had the photo printed I cut the puzzle then placed the pieces in the kids favorite movie character bags with crayons for the kids to use along with the Blackout Car Bingo card. The kids can then color each piece and put the pieces of their puzzle together to help pass time while having fun in the car!

I like that with the Glad Sandwich Bags with the movie characters on them, I can be sure to keep the kids snacks and activities separated, letting each kid have their own designated character. I also like that with the to go cups, they have the right amount of ranch in them and when the kids are done, they can contain their messes by keeping their trash in the Glad Sandwich Bags. Making the choice to go with the Hidden Valley Ranch To Go Cups for snacking on the go and the Glad Sandwich Bags with movie characters on them! It’s a great option when it comes to planning those epic summer road trips. As you head to your local Kroger or Fred Meyer store to prepare for your next road trip, be sure to pick up the Hidden Valley Ranch To Go Cups along with the Glad Sandwich Bags with your favorite movie characters on them and have safe travels!

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  1. Fiddlin' Dandi
    June 30, 2016 / 1:06 am

    We love going on road trips as a family and that BINGO game would be so fun for my son!

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