COOP Scatter Dodgeball

The kids are home for the summer and like many parents, I am always seeking out those toys and games to keep them from sitting on the couch and heading outdoors so they can enjoy their time. When it comes to the activities and games that I look for, I like to find the ones that can involve the entire family as well as fun games that the kids can engage their friends in. So when we were sent the COOP Scatter Dodgeball to review, I was excited to take it out for my kids and their friends to play with.

With this game of dodgeball you get that classic game with a whole new twist on it that turns the game up a notch or two! There is a foam ball, a large foam dice and 12 wristbands that come in 6 colors. To get started the kids gather in a circle, hand out the wristbands where everyone gets 2 of one color, up to 6 players, then someone rolls the dice. Whichever color that the dice lands on, the player with that color of wristband is it, and then gets the ball as the other players scatter. The one who is it with the ball must then start trying to get the other players by throwing the ball at them, if the player hits someone that player must surrender their wristband to the ball person. The player at the end of the game with the most wristbands wins! Making COOP Scatter Dodgeball a great game to get and have for your kids to play this summer!

Product received, thank you to COOP Sports and the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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    March 13, 2018 / 6:48 am

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