4 Ideas for Couples to Manage their Household Chores

If you and your spouse work, you will need to figure out a household chore schedule so that everything gets done on time. If you are like most homeowners, you take great pride in the appearance of your home and you always want it to be clean. When it comes to dividing up the household chores, it can result in fights between you and your spouse. There will be chores that neither one of you wants to handle. There are a few ways that you can divide up the household chores fairly, without ending up in divorce court.

Create a Household Chore Chart Together

Creating a chore chart is a great way to make sure that all of the chores get done when they are supposed to. When splitting up the chores, you and your spouse should take turns choosing the chores that they are going to be responsible for doing. As you get to the end of the list, there will be chores left that nobody wants to do. Since these need to get done, you would need to continue choosing chores until they are all taken. After the chores have been chosen, you can write each of your chores on a dry erase board. This is a fair way to split up the work.

Put the Chores in a Bowl

If compromising is not one of yours and your spouse’s most strong suit, you can let fate choose each of your household chores. To do this, you should write down each chore on a small strip of paper and fold it up. Place the chores in a large bowl, and take turns choosing chores. By the time the bowl is empty, all of the chores can be assigned. If you are worried about getting bored with your chores, you can choose from the bowl each week. This is the most diplomatic way to get the household chores done.

1 Week On/1 Week Off

One way that some couples get their household chores done is with the “1 week on/1week off” method. This means that for one week, you would be responsible for all of the household chores in the home. The next week, your spouse would be responsible. This can make your week very demanding, however, you can look forward to the next week, when you don’t have any chores to do at all. This will prevent any arguing over who is going to do what chores.

Hire a Cleaning Service

If you and your husband cannot agree upon household chores or, with your busy schedules, you just don’t have time to complete them, you should consider hiring a company who specializes in house cleaning in auckland. If you have the extra money to pay someone, there are several benefits of doing so.

Hiring a professional gives you and your spouse more free time.
A professional has the knowledge and experience to keep your home looking spotless.
A professional cleaning service will handle the household tasks that you ask them to.
You can set up a regular schedule for the cleaning service so that your home will always be clean.
The cleaning service can come to your home when you are not at home so that they won’t be in your way when you are there.

Dividing the household chores can be a problem for newly married couples. It can also be a problem if one spouse was home but has recently returned to work. If you choose one of the above ways to divide the household chores, you will be saving your and your spouse hours and hours of arguments.


  1. Janet W.
    August 9, 2016 / 10:18 am

    These are great ideas! Then you don't feel like the only one doing chores.

  2. Crafty Zoo
    August 18, 2016 / 3:32 pm

    These are great ideas! However, when I ask hubs to do something (unless it's convenient) he generally tells me he works hard so that he doesn't have to do that stuff and I should pay someone to do it. LOL. BUT, at least he provides a way to pay someone (if I weren't so freakin' cheap!).

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