Add Some Spice to Your Ice Cream with SnoSpice

With the hot summer days and the kids at home, we find that we like to seek out those cool treats to serve and enjoy. One summer favorite that I know is not just a summer staple in my home but in many other homes is the ice cream. We like to not only have the basic flavors, but also add to our ice creams, have ice cream parties and seek out the flavors that we enjoy that are not part of that basic line up of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Well recently we were sent some spices, which are unlike other spices and which can help transform that ordinary ice cream that we have on hand and turn the flavors into something fun and extraordinary when we were sent the SnoSpice to review!

When the SnoSpice arrived, we could smell the amazing aroma of spices coming from the box they were shipped in. Once we opened the box, we were very surprised to find the selection that was inside, giving us something so different than we have tried in the past. We found that with the spice selection that we could find a little something for everyone, and that with this selection, we could add them to our next ice cream party with our friends.

After getting the spices out, we started to try them and see which ones were our favorites. We found that when it came to the flavors, we all had different likes in which ones we preferred on our ice cream. We also found that we could mix some of the flavors, giving us a whole new selection to work with. Which in all makes the SnoSpice Spice selection for Ice Cream, a great choice to go with when you want to turn that ordinary ice cream into something extraordinary!

Product received, thank you to SnoSpice as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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