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When it comes to our health whether we have questions or concerns, having access to health professionals is a necessity. And with the technology that we have today, I like that when my family and I have questions or concerns we can utilize the services that are available from Amwell whether we are at home or away from home. With the services available through Amwell I can not only save money on those office visits or urgent care visits and get the care I need but I can also save time as well. So when I was given the chance to utilize the services offered from Amwell for my own health concerns and questions, I was excited to not only use the service but also share my experience with my readers.

Like many out there, I suffer from migraines and cluster headaches, and with those I find that I have days where I can not function very well. This can cause issues where I am left with not only the pain in my head that interferes with my concentration and even vision, but that can also leave me sick to my stomach. And on days where migraines are a issue, going to the doctor to wait in a office is the last thing I want to do. So having Amwell literally at my fingertips for the computer and through the app for my phone and tablet is very useful, especially when I get to where the over the counter headache medicines and techniques I utilize to help reduce the migraine pain and irritations from home do not work.

When I decided to check in with a doctor from Amwell, I liked that I was able to just sign in on the app I have on my phone, fill out a little info on what was going on, pick a doctor, then wait a few brief minutes to be seen by the doctor. Once I had filled out the info needed, I was placed in a virtual waiting room from the comfort of my own home where there was a short wait and also where it was explained to me what the process was and what I could expect. After the doctor chimed in, we were ready to start. I was able to go over my symptoms, discuss previous issues, and come up with a solution where the Amwell doctor was able to send a prescription to my pharmacy.

Aside from the prescriptions, I also liked that with the Amwell service that the doctor provided me with tips on foods to avoid when I have a headache, and other options I can try to help reduce the symptoms before they get too bad. The doctor also gave me information on how to find local doctors who can help me focus in on the causes of my headaches and get a more long term solution. Then, once I was done with seeing the doctor, I was sent a link to a transcript that I can refer to anytime I might need to. Which makes the choice to go with Amwell one that I am always happy to go with when it comes to a variety of medical needs that can range from physical illness to psychological concerns and even nutritional and dietary needs for the whole family!

So if you find yourself, your kids, or anyone else in your family not feeling too hot, in need of medical attention (non emergency), or in need of nutritional guidance from a licensed professional and you want to avoid costly office visit bills and long waits, then be sure to check out Amwell where the doctor is always in! Also right now get your first visit with Amwell for just $1 with code TELEVISIT36 and be sure to check out this article on how Amwell is the Amazon of medicine!

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  1. Janet W.
    August 5, 2016 / 10:12 am

    This sounds so convenient to use! What a great resource!

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