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This review and giveaway was made possible by the PR and Wubble Ball. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.

When it comes to both indoor and outdoor play, we like to have those toys that are both fun and can get all of my kids active in play. Like many kids, mine are ones who seem to be in the know on what toys are a must have, and like many, they like to share their insights on these must have toys with me. Well one toy that my kids have enjoyed playing with in the past, one that we have given at birthdays for their friends, and one that provides hours of fun is the Wubble Bubble Ball. We had gotten our first chance to check out the Wubble Bubble Ball a few years ago and since then we noticed that some changes were made and that a new one was available. Naturally, my kids see this new one as a must have, so when we were sent the Super Wubble Bubble Ball to review, they were very excited to check it out and tell their friends all about it!

With the Super Wubble Bubble Ball, you get a ball that is similar to the original, but one that is made from a new material called Xpandium! This new material is stronger than ever. It gives us a more tear resistant material that is also simple to patch up if they do get a hole or tear on it. In fact, when it comes to maintaining our new Super Wubble Bubble Ball, I found that having a repair kit included is great to have on hand! This allows the kids to take their ball out and play with it with their friends, and even when they get a little rough with it or if it lands in the thorn bushes, we can fix it easily so they can continue playing with it!

The kids love how durable their Super Wubble Bubble Ball is, they can toss it, smash it, lay on it and have hours of fun playing with it. They also found that they can watch to see what all this Super Wubble Bubble Ball can go up against when they watch some of the fun Super Wubble vs The World videos! These videos are a lot of fun to watch and my kids found that after watching they wanted to see how durable their own Super Wubble was! They brought it on the trampoline, to the park, and even got our dog to play, proving that this Super Wubble is both fun and very durable, which is perfect when it comes to finding toys that all of my kids can enjoy playing with together that lasts!

Then when it comes to what all is included in the box when you head out to get a Super Wubble Bubble Ball for your kids, we like that it has 1 Super Bubble, a battery powered air pump which makes the inflation very simple, along with a patch kit! Making the all new Super Wubble Bubble Ball a must have when you are looking for a toy that offers hours of fun for your kids! And to help with that fun in your home, you can enter for a chance to win your own Super Wubble Bubble Ball in the giveaway form below!!!

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