Finding those movies that my kids will enjoy watching on family movie night is something that both my kids and I enjoy doing. We like to seek out the movies and shows that they find interesting, that have some of their favorite characters and heroes in them. So when we were sent DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year to review, I was excited to share it with my kids and watch it on our family movie night!

In this movie, you get those iconic super hero women from the DC Comics collection when they are young and discovering their abilities. And together with their strengths they prove that they can make the world a better place! These amazing super heroes include:

·         Wonder Woman was raised on Themyscira, a paradise island overflowing with female leaders. This natural born leader has super strength, the power of flight and a magic lasso that forces anyone to tell the truth.

·         Batgirl is crazy smart – she was accepted to Super Hero High based on her brainpower alone (she wasn’t born with super powers). But this crime-fighting sleuth may be the most influential of all! Her unparalleled intellect, expert martial arts skills, photographic memory and legendary detective skills are a formula for an incredible Super Hero.

·         Supergirl is the most powerful teen on earth, but also incredibly clumsy. She has super strength, super hearing and super speed but will need to be sure she doesn’t trip over her own two feet en route to saving the world.

·         Harley Quinn is the resident class clown who lives for jokes and over-the-top pranks. Nonetheless, this quick-witted gymnast is sneaky and full of surprises. 

·         Bumblebee has the ability to shrink, allowing her to sneak around without being spotted. She makes sure her team is never surprised by any villains or enemies up to no good.

·         Poison Ivy, got caught up in a botched lab experiment, and now has the ability to control and summon plants. She’s gradually adapting to her amazing new powers and blossoming into her new life.

·         Katana is an artist with an edge – this fearless martial arts fashionista is up for any crime-fighting test and is never without her sword.

Along with this movie you get some fun shorts that include:

 Six Animated Shorts:

o   Hero of the Month: Wonder Woman

o   Fall into Super Hero High

o   Hero of the Month: Bumblebee

o   Hero of the Month: Poison Ivy

o   Clubbing

o   Saving the Day

Which gives girls heroes to look up to and also gives us a great movie to share and watch during family movie night! You can head out today to pick up your copy to watch and enjoy and also look forward to!

Product received, thank you to Warner Bros Home Entertainment as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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