Holiday Gift Ideas: Inkspirations Adult Coloring Books

When it comes to finding the gifts to give this coming holiday season, I like to seek out a variety of products so that I can be sure to find that perfect gift for everyone on my list. One holiday gift item that many will be wanting this year is the adult coloring books. Like many, we have a collection of those relaxing adult coloring books in our home, and when it comes to many of our friends and family, we find that they too enjoy the therapeutic aspects that you can get from coloring. So when we were sent a collection of the Inkspirations Adult Coloring Books to review, we were excited to check them out and add them to this years holiday gift ideas!

I found that with each of these books, they have amazing designs with a lot of detail on each page, giving us plenty to work on and keep us occupied with! Along with the coloring pages, we also found that the coloring tips, information and inspirational quotes to be great for reading. We were sent 4 books all from various authors, you can see the selection with some of the details about each book below:

Inkspirations in the Garden 

Anyone blessed with a green thumb knows that a garden is nature’s haven, and when properly tended can transform a patch of ground into a place of splendor that abounds with intoxicating colors, scents, and wildlife. Inkspirations in the Garden celebrates gardens in all their glory, from images of delightful cottage gardens to well-manicured rose gardens, from lush tropical gardens to relaxing Zen gardens. The original designs feature exquisite floral patterns to color and customize, plus heartwarming scenes of lovable backyard critters, like ladybugs and bumblebees, and even the squirrels and rabbits who sometimes become our garden nemeses. Inkspirations in the Garden pays homage to those who make weeds into wonders and have been enriched by gardening’s lessons about a life well-tended and nurtured. Please visit: 

Inkspirations Animal Kingdom 

For coloring enthusiasts looking for inspiration, nature provides a dazzling array of colors and patterns – the bold black stripes on a tiger’s back, the kaleidoscope of teals in a peacock’s plumes, the fiery orange of a fox’s coat, or the rainbow of colors in a macaw’s feathers. Now you can add your own burst of color with Inkspirations Animal Kingdom, which showcases more than thirty beautifully detailed designs of a menagerie of animals large and small. Paired with inspiring quotes and heartfelt lessons we humans can learn from our animal counterparts, this book will uplift and inspire whether you are an avid colorist or an armchair explorer. For information, please visit: 

Inkspirations for a Happy Heart 

Sharing more than 30 original designs to make your own, plus motivating mantras to help you relax, unwind, and greet each day with renewed optimism and creative energy. Whether you’re new to coloring or a gel-pen aficionado, you may have already admired the artistic creations of Diane Yi, whose stunning artwork has been shared, pinned, or colored around the world. With Diane’s style of intricate details with exquisite flourishes, Inkspirations for a Happy Heart provides a perfect canvas that will inspire you to color your world a little brighter. Please see: 

Inkspirations for Cat Lovers 

Cats are curious, regal, intelligent, and playful. They oblige us humans by allowing us to share our lives and hearts with them. Inkspirations for Cat Lovers celebrates the magic, mystery, and merriment of cats throughout the seasons, from Siamese to the Sphinx, Abyssinians to Persians, Maine Coons to calicos, and more. From long-haired to short-haired and everything in between, you will find more than 30 original designs that celebrate the many ways in which cats bring joy (and fur!) into our lives. Inkspirations for Cat Lovers is a fitting tribute to our whiskered companions who color our world brighter every day. Please see: 

Making the selection of adult coloring books from the Inkspirations Adult Coloring Books line up a great choice to go with when you are seeking out great gifts to give the adult coloring book enthusiasts in your life this holiday season!

Product received, thank you to Inkspirations as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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    (Holid0y Gift Ideas: Inkspirations Adult Coloring Books) I have just recently had the chance to color in one of these relaxing coloring books. It sure helps to relieve my stress-

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