Family Movie Night with Finding Dory on Blu-Ray and DVD

When it comes to family movie night in my house, we like to seek out the latest movies that are out there and add them to our night of fun. Like many families this past summer, we lined up and went to watch the summer hit, Finding Dory. So naturally, when we were sent the new movie, Finding Dory on Blu-Ray, we were all very excited to watch it again, but this time from our living room!

With the movie Finding Dory, you get a instant Disney favorite in my home and what we now see as a Disney Classic, that is great for adding to any family movie night. You get those iconic fish along with all new friends that they meet along the way, and you also get to know Dory and where she comes from.

Like in the theater when the kids laughed and pointed out that when it comes to direction, that Dory and I are one in the same, that same laughter was heard again during family movie night. We loved seeing the heartwarming quest that Dory goes on to find her own family, and along with that movie we adored seeing in the theater, we also like that with the Blu-Ray Combo Pack of Finding Dory, that we also able to enjoy all of the extra’s that came with our movie! These extras include fun shorts with the characters, the creatures features, which the kids and I found to be fun so that we could learn about some of the sea creatures that were in the movie and so much more! Making Finding Dory the perfect movie to head out to get today so that you and your family can enjoy a family movie night as well!

Product received, thank you to Disney Movies as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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